Easy To Learn

AlignMix is really easy to learn and use with full video training. You'll be designing your sales territories within 1 hour of installation.

Created For Territory Analysis & Design

AlignMix was created for one purpose - to quickly and easily design great sales territories.

Fast Alignment Engine

AlignMix' fast rendering and alignment engine provides a smooth user experience and means you can get the results you need quicker than ever before

No Other Software Needed

You don't need to buy any extra software for AlignMix to work (other systems require ESRI's ArcInfo)

International Maps

International versions of AlignMix are available for 30+ markets and we're adding new geographies all the time.

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Up-To-Date Zip Codes & Postcodes

AlignMix comes with the latest boundary shapes. And all actives licenses get updates as, and when, they become available

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