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Key Features

Ease of Use

AlignMix 2024 has been redesigned with ease of use as a top priority, ensuring a seamless user experience. You can easily make changes to territories and just as effortlessly insert new territories into the map, streamlining your workflow

Effortless Data Imports and Exports

Importing current accounts and existing sales territories from Excel or CSV is a breeze. The intuitive interface ensures a hassle-free process for all users. Once you've finalized your territory redesign, exporting your data to formats like PPT, PDF, PNG, and Excel is equally straightforward and efficient

Leverage the Power of AI

AlignMix AI is designed to craft, balance, and optimize your sales territories in mere seconds, harnessing the power of advanced algorithms. Whether starting with a blank slate or building upon existing sales territories, its capabilities ensure optimal results. Additionally, with the touch optimize tool, users have the flexibility to fine-tune and balance individual sales territories with precision.

Fast and Powerful

AlignMix is designed for rapid performance and robust capabilities, allowing users to import complete territory alignments in mere minutes. The touch align tool facilitates instant adjustments and balancing of territory lines, while the intuitive lasso feature lets you effortlessly carve out new territories on the map. If you've established a hierarchy, you can easily access broader views such as districts and regions. Moreover, the thematic view provides an in-depth perspective, aiding in the meticulous analysis of your sales territories.

Book A Demo

Request a Demo of AlignMix

Let one of our sales territory design experts take you through AlignMix’s capabilities and answer your specific questions. Fill out your details and we will have someone contact you within one business day (usually quicker) to set up a short web session.

Note: Your details will be used solely for the purpose of responding to your request. They will not be shared with a third party.

Deep Territory Analytics

Dive deep into territory analytics with AlignMix 2024. Utilize the over-under thematic map to identify areas of low or high performance based on any metric, while other thematic tools spotlight hotspots within territories, pinpointing high-performing zip codes. With the bivariate map for comparing two data sets and the innovative territory center analysis tool, you're empowered to evaluate territories with unparalleled depth and insight.

Powerful Mapping Tools

AlignMix offers a robust set of in-app tools to enhance your mapping experience. The Index tool is adept at harmonizing various data factors, while advanced optimization features streamline territory design. Additionally, the software facilitates efficient personnel placement and boasts a batch rename tool for simultaneous territory renaming.

Flexible and Adaptable

AlignMix offers the versatility to craft various types of alignments tailored to your needs. Whether you're looking for geographic, account-based, or hybrid territory designs, the software has you covered. For those seeking advanced configurations, AlignMix also supports account overrides and key account assignments, ensuring intricate and efficient territory designs

International Mapping

AlignMix isn't limited to designing sales territories solely for the USA; it's versatile enough to cater to every country across the globe. The alignment tools, which are tailored for the default USA 5-digit zip code settings, are fully compatible and functional for all other country files, ensuring a consistent and efficient experience regardless of the region.

Feedback From Our Users…


In the past I’ve used all the other territory alignment tools. AlignMix is definitely the best – it’s so user-friendly!

Molly Moore
Analytics & Sales Operations

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I have been able to design sales territories very quickly and easily. The ease to reconfigure a territory is amazing. The importing of data was very quick and saved me a tremendous amount of time and effort compared to other programs I have used. The responsiveness of the AlignMix staff was fantastic.

Mark Denver
VP of Sales


Overall AlignMix has the feature set that we have been looking for but have never been able to find. And it actually does it in a way that is Microsoft Paint simple This tool is absolutely incredible for territory mapping. I can also foresee it being great for territory maintenance. It’s always been a dreaded task to hunt down new ZIP codes every quarter and figure out which territory should get them. The clean alignment feature should make that effortless now

Michael Lintonen
Strategic Data Analyst

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