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Softpedia Review: 4.5 Stars out of 5.0

“AlignMix is a reliable application that can help you generate sales territory maps in a quick, efficient manner by providing you with several intuitive tools. It can be easily installed on your system, comes with a smooth, user-friendly interface and features Excel data handling support”

4.5 out of 5

SoftpediaApril 2016
Michael Lintonen.

“This tool is absolutely incredible for territory mapping”

  • Overall AlignMix has the feature set that we have been looking for but have never been able to find. And it actually does it in a way that is Microsoft Paint simple
  • This tool is absolutely incredible for territory mapping.
  • I can also foresee it being great for territory maintenance.
  • It’s always been a dreaded task to hunt down new ZIP codes every quarter and figure out which territory should get them. The clean alignment feature should make that effortless now.
Michael Lintonen.Strategic Data Analyst - VasoHealthcare
Molly Moore

“AlignMix is definitely the best”

In the past I’ve used all the other territory alignment tools. AlignMix is definitely the best – it’s so user-friendly!

Molly MooreAnalytics & Sales Operations at Cempra Pharmaceuticals
Mark Denver

“the ease to configure a territory is amazing”

  • I have been able to design sales territories very quickly and easily.
  • The ease to reconfigure a territory is amazing.
  • The importing of data was very quick and saved me a tremendous amount of time and effort compared to other programs I have used.  The responsiveness of the AlignMix staff was fantastic.
Mark DenverVice President of Sales - Luminex

Powerful and Easy To Use Sales Territory & Franchise Mapping Solution

Key Features of AlignMix Professional

Design sales territory maps by simply touching the zip codes and moving the mouse - designing sales maps is as simple as finger painting

TouchAlign Technology

Create New Sales Territories with Literally 1 Click. Touch the map with your mouse, and create sales territories as simply as finger painting.

Easily Re-design Sales Territories

Using the touch align tool you can easily adjust sales territory borders while receiving feedback in real time. Click on the territory which you’d like to expand, move the mouse over the zip codes you would like to add, and instantly see the impact on territory statistics.

Make changes to your sales territory map by clicking the territory and moving the mouse to add zip codes, while getting instant feedback from AlignMix

AlignMix provides many sales territory re-alignment tools, which make it easier to create franchise and sales territory maps

Sales Territory Design Tool

 AlignMix provides a range of easy-to-use tools, which help you makes changes to the map and create your sales territories quickly and easily. The circle select tool allows you to create circular sales territories with any radius. Before creating a new sales territory you can even evaluate and analyze the sales accounts found in the selected area

Customize Your Territory Maps

AlignMix makes it easy to customize your sales territory map. You can switch between different maps and views easily. With one click you can change the color of every sales territory on your map. You can also customize the colors of individual sales territories using the re-color tool

Customize your sales territory maps using one of the built in sales alignment themes, or select a specific territory color

Analyze the sales territories which are high or low on any particular alignment metric

Territory Charting & Analysis Tools

AlignMix makes it easy to analyze your territory alignment. All data imported into AlignMix can be charted and analyzed to find which sales territories are too large or to small. The chart shown illustrates which sales territories have too much, or too little work. This is the first step in any sales territory design process. Before AlignMix this was fiddly and took time – now you can quickly and easily see the hot-spots on your sales territory map.

Thematic Territory Mapping Tools

AlignMix comes packed with thematic/analytical tools that will enable you to locate high and low performing zip codes or sales territories. Simply select the data series you’re interested in, as well as the thematic palette, and AlignMix will create a detailed heat-map

It's easy to view your data as a thematic sales territory map. Customize the map to show the highs and lows at the zip code or territory level