1 Minute Tip 1: Finding Help

In this first 1 Minute Tip video you will learn about the best ways to find AlignMix Help.


If you need help when using AlignMix there are several avenues that you can take. The best place to start is in the How-to-Section. This webpage has about 20 different videos covering the basics from importing, navigating, creating and optimizing sales territories to exporting. The FAQ section is also a great resource. Here you will find over 250 different videos covering topics in more detail. Inside the AlignMix software you will find a question mark in the top right of the AlignMix window. This will give you access to the entire AlignMix software manual. Each chapter in the manual details everything that AlignMix can do.

If you have spent more than 20-30 minutes trying to figure how to do something in AlignMix, stop what you are doing and reach out to the AlignMix team. We can be reached via contact form, chat (bottom right of the screen), or by email. You can reply to your activation code email or any of your 1 minute tip videos. The AlignMix team reads and replies to all emails.


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