1 Minute Tip 2: Introduction to AlignMix Ai

In this second 1 Minute Tip video you will get an introduction to AlignMix Ai and its sales territory optimization tools.


AlignMix Ai has been many years in the making and we are pleased to announce that it is now available as part of the AlignMix two week trial. During this trial you will have access to all of the Ai tools. The biggest feature that AlignMix Ai has is the sales territory optimizer. You can now have AlignMix create, balance, and optimize all of your sales territories for you (In seconds!)

AlignMix Ai tools include:

The only limitation that you will encounter during the two week trial of AlignMix Ai will be during the export process. Any image export will have an AlignMix watermark and Excel exports will be missing every other row of data.


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