1 Minute Tip 3: Navigating AlignMix

In this Third 1 Minute Tip video you will learn how to navigate the AlignMix software.


In the AlignMix FAQ section there is a very detailed sub section that covers everything about navigating AlignMix. Here you will learn how to use all the tools that will help when using the AlignMix software. The Pan tool allows you to move around the screen without making accidental changes to your sales territories. You can toggle on the Pan tool when using any other tool by holding down the Space bar on your keyboard.

The AlignMix team recommends using a mouse when using the AlignMix software. It makes the process much easier than using a trackpad on a laptop. There are also many keyboard shortcuts that you can use when using AlignMix that will help you become a power user in just a few minutes.


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