1 Minute Tip 4: Setting Up and Importing Data

In this fourth 1 Minute Tip video you will learn how to set up your data in Excel so that you can easily import the data into AlignMix.


There are three common imports that you will typically perform.

  1. Account
  2. Zip to Terr
  3. Sales rep data

There is no specific order for these imports. You just need to make sure to set up the data correctly in Excel so that you can have a successful import.

If you have zip code level data like demographic data you can import that as its own import or with the zip to territory import.

One key thing to remember. If you import only account level data then you will not see geographic sales territories, you will only have account level territories. The next step would be to either import a zip to territory file or use the AlignMix Clean up tool to assign the un-assigned zip codes to the correct sales territory.


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