1 Minute Tip 9: Additional Views

This ninth 1 Minute Tip video will show you how to access the additional views that are found in AlignMix.


In AlignMix you are not just limited to a single view of your sales territories. You can view tables, charts, thematic maps, and hierarchy maps. Each view is dynamic. If you make a change in one view, that change will be reflected across all the other open tabs/views.

If you created a hierarchy you can view each level of assignment and also customize how the labels and layers appear in that view.

For each level of assignment you can also view the data in table form. All of the data will be summed up to the territory, district or region level. While in table view you can re-assign reps and managers, find non-contiguous areas of the territory, and also delete the territory, district, or region.

Thematic views are a great way to display data and also confirm that sales territories are balanced and optimized. The thematic maps can also pinpoint areas for future sales territories. Any thematic map can also be exported to image or pdf files. 

The final additional view that you can access is the chart view. The chart view allows you to view any imported or created data set as a chart in AlignMix. Most often this is used with a sales territory index to view which territories fall in/out of the data range set for an ideal sales territory.


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