1 Minute Tip Part 12: AlignMix Ai vs. AlignMix Pro

In this 12th and final 1 Minute Tip video you will learn about the differences between the different versions of AlignMix. We will also cover the pricing for each version of AlignMix.


AlignMix Pro is the flagship version of AlignMix. In this version all the territory design work is performed manually using the touch align and lasso tools. The Pro version does not come with the territory optimizer, touch optimize or the batch rename tools. Those are only available in the AI versions of AlignMix.

Click here to purchase AlignMix Pro

Click here to purchase the Consulting version of AlignMix Pro

AlignMix AI is the newest version of AlignMix. In this version you have the optimization tools that allow you to automatically create balanced sales territories in seconds. The territory optimization tools can be used for the entire country or in specific areas.

AlignMix AI is broken down into three different tiers:

To purchase AlignMix AI click on the desired version above to add to cart.


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