Auto Assign Account ID to Sales Data


AlignMix 2016 will auto assign a customer ID number to all of your accounts if they don’t already have one. This typically applies to smaller companies that have never had the time or resources to assign an ID number to each account. AlignMix will auto assign each account a number as they are imported into the AlignMix Mapping software. The video above will you how to do this step by step.

Auto Assign Account ID to Sales Data2018-09-11T10:04:13+00:00

Using Hide to Toggle Sales Territory Visibility


The Hide tool is a very powerful tool that allows you to hide territories that you are not currently working on. Lets say you only want to focus on a few states in the Northeast. You can simply hide all of the other territories so that you can focus on just the ones that need attention. Click play on the video above to learn how to use the Hide tool.

Using Hide to Toggle Sales Territory Visibility2018-09-11T10:04:20+00:00

Assigning Sales Territories to Districts


Assigning Territories to Districts from Steve Maughan on Vimeo.

Many organizations have a hierarchy when it comes to their sales territories. It can either be districts then territories, or regions to territories, etc. That is why we decided that the newest version of AlignMix should allow users to do just that. You can assign your territories to a district with just a few clicks. You can then even view your districts in the district table view where all of the data is broken down by district in a easy to view format. The above video will show you step by step how to assign you newly designed sales territories to districts or regions.

Assigning Sales Territories to Districts2018-09-11T10:04:27+00:00