The AlignMix Radial Tool


The AlignMix Radial Tool is an easy way to access several options for your selected territories. The Radial Tool can be used at any time while using the AlignMix 2016 Territory Mapping Software. The video above will show you how to use this tool step by step.

    With the Radial Tool you can:

  • Delete a Territory
  • Locate the Territory
  • Locate the smallest non contiguous cluster
  • Change the Color of the Territory
  • Hide the Territory
  • Lock the Territory
  • Access Territory Properties
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Finding and Fixing Non-Contiguous Sales Territories


Non-contiguous territories are territories that have islands or little satellites of zip codes located in another sales territory. Typically these occur by accident and need to be cleaned up and fixed in order to have a properly designed sales territory design. There are occasions where these areas are intentional (similar to special account overrides) where you may have zip overrides that must remain with a particular sales rep for the sake of retaining the business there. It is important to find these non-contiguous sales territories to make sure that they indeed supposed to be there, if they are there by accident its a via a typo then they need to be fixed. The video above will show you how to find and fix these non contiguous territories.

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New Touch Align Tutorial


Touch Align is a technology breakthrough in both ease of use and power when it comes to sales territory mapping (we have a patent pending on this technology). In this new tutorial I show you how to use some of the more advanced features of Touch-Align, as well as the basics.

You’ll learn:

  • How to creates sales (or franchise) territories with just one click
  • Easily move zips from one territory to another (with Touch-Align it’s as easy as finger painting)
  • How to makes sure your territories stay within the state boundary (this is a fiddly job with other territory design solutions)
  • A quick way to “pan” the map even when you’re in Touch-Align mode
  • The quickest way to change a territories color

Let me know what you think

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