Paste Data From Clipboard


Updating account and zip code assignments has just become even easier. The new paste from clipboard tool allows you to select a list of accounts or zip codes from excel and paste them directly into AlignMix. You can now assign this selection to an existing sales territory, assign them to a new territory, or even delete the pasted accounts. A similar feature was found in the now discontinued Microsoft MapPoint that allowed you to paste data directly into the territory mapping software.

Renaming Account Segments

In other sales territory mapping packages it’s a real hassle to edit imported account segments. That is not the case in AlignMix 2016. In just a few clicks you can rename any customer segment that has been imported into your AlignMix file. By watching the video above you will learn how to rename or edit your customer segments in less than one minute.



Sales District Touch Align

You can now use the patent pending touch align tool to create sales districts in the district map view. You simply click on an area on you map, and while still holding the button on your mouse down select the areas you want added to the new sales district. Then let go, and you’ve created a new sales district. It’s that easy. If you’ve used this touch align tool for creating sales territories then creating sales districts will be a breeze. For a detailed explanation of how to use this tool please watch the video above.

Sales Territory and Zip Code Thematic Mapping

In this AlignMix feature update video post you will learn how to use the new thematic mapping tools. Thematic maps can show you under/over performing sales territories based on that data that you have imported into the mapping software. You can also customize the color scheme of the thematic map and also adjust individual bucket coloreds. In the above example you will learn how to use the Sales Territory Thematic Maps and the Zip Code Thematic Maps.