Deleting Sales Accounts


You can now easily delete a list of accounts from your AlignMix file. Simply copy any list of accounts and then paste them into AlignMix. Follow the prompts on the screen. You can choose to un-assign, assign, create a new territory, and delete accounts.

Deleting Sales Accounts2017-09-21T09:29:27+00:00

Creating New Static Layers


You can now create static layers in AlignMix that you can use for current and future sales territory Alignments. These static layers can represent old sales territory boundaries so that you can track how sales territories have changed from start to finish.

Creating New Static Layers2017-09-21T09:30:54+00:00

Deleting Sales Accounts with the Lasso Tool


Removing accounts from your sales territory maps has become much easier in the newest feature update in AlignMix. You can now use the lasso tool to select an area on your map and then with two clicks you can delete the accounts that are found in that selected area

Deleting Sales Accounts with the Lasso Tool2018-09-10T13:34:27+00:00

Deleting Sales Reps



Sales reps are known for moving from one company to the next. This is why when creating sales territories you have to be able to make changes to sales reps on the fly.

Using AlignMix you can easily:

  • Edit Sales Reps
  • Add Sales Reps
  • Move Sales Reps
  • Delete Sales Reps
Deleting Sales Reps2018-09-10T13:36:13+00:00