Keeping Sales Territories Within State Borders


One of the most useful tricks that you need in your sales territory design arsenal is the state border alignment trick. If you select the touch align tool and then hold Ctrl on your keyboard, then the territory you are creating will not cross state borders. This is very useful when you are creating state based sales territories or have some sales territories that cannot cross state boundaries.

Keeping Sales Territories Within State Borders2018-09-10T13:31:16+00:00

Setting Account Labels


Setting account labels has been the most requested sales mapping feature of the past year. We are happy to announce that it is now available in the newest update. You can now assign account labels to each account segment and choose at what zoom level they appear.

Setting Account Labels2017-09-21T09:24:22+00:00

Clean Alignment Tool


Using the Clean Alignment Tool you can easily assign all the unassigned zip codes to nearby sales territories. The video above will show you how to use this tool step by step.

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AlignMix Help Manual


There are two ways to access the AlignMix Help Manual. The first way is click on the “?” in the AlignMix Software. The second way is to scroll to the bottom of the AlignMix website and click on AlignMix Help Manual, or you can access it directly from this link.

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