Easy Sales Territory Lock



You can now lock sales territories with one click of the mouse. All you have to do is hold the “L” button on your keyboard and then left click on a sales territory. This will lock the sales territory and prevent any accidental changes that may occur while redesigning the rest of your sales territories.

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Using Territory Alignment Tools


AlignMix comes with several territory alignment tools that makes creating and redesigning sales territories really easy.

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Locking Sales Territories


Using the lock sales territory tool you can make sure that no changes will be made to sales territories that have been completed. This tool is used to keep track of which sales territories are completed and which ones still need some adjustments.

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Creating County Based Sales Territories


Using AlignMix you can create ZIP-Code or County Based Sales territories. In order to create a county based sales territory design you first need to make sure that you have FIPS codes for all of your counties. FIPS codes are 5 digit unique identifiers for each county. Without that you wouldn’t be able to locate counties accurately. Just think of how many “Orange” counties exist in the USA. This is why you need this 5 digit FIPS code for a county based territory alignment. Watch the video above to learn how to set up a county based AlignMix file and also how to import your county data.

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