Setting Up Your Data in Excel


AlignMix is fast and easy to use (once you get the data into the software… ). That is the main question we are asked. “How do I best set up my sales territory alignment data so I can easily import it into AlignMix?” That is why I created this most recent video post. This is the ideal excel set up for a fast import of all of your sales territory data.

Setting Up Your Data in Excel2018-09-10T13:23:07+00:00

Importing Segmented Sales Accounts


In order to display different sales accounts (account segments) on your map you need to import them as different segments during the initial account import process. Watch the video above to learn how to do this.

Importing Segmented Sales Accounts2018-09-10T13:24:33+00:00

Using International Maps


If you are interested in using AlignMix for countries other than the USA then make sure to first download AlignMix from the international page. Then in just a few clicks you’ll be able to access the international maps that come free with AlignMix.

Using International Maps2018-09-10T13:23:52+00:00

Deleting Data Sets


Deleting data sets that you have imported into AlignMix is easy. In just a few clicks you can delete any data set that is in your sales territory file.

Deleting Data Sets2018-09-10T13:25:04+00:00