Changing the Default Geography


Changing the Default Geography in AlignMix can be done in just a few clicks. You first need some international maps. To download the free AlignMix maps visit the AlignMix international page. Then you simply start a new sales territory design project and select the new geography from the drop down menu and then click make default.

Changing the Default Geography2017-09-20T12:08:52+00:00

Touch Align to Skip Zip Codes


You can now use the Touch Align tool to Skip Zip Codes when creating new sales territories or editing sales territories.

Touch Align to Skip Zip Codes2017-09-20T12:10:18+00:00

Adding Additional Sales Territory Labels



You can set additional sales territory labels via the configure layers tool. This will allow you to display any data set that you have imported into the software. If you wanted to see the total sales for all of your sales territories displayed on the map, then you need to watch the video above.

Adding Additional Sales Territory Labels2018-09-10T13:21:43+00:00