Key Principles When Creating Sales Territories


In this video you will learn a few key principles that we use when creating sales territories

  • Keeping within state boundaries
  • Using highways as arteries and not boundaries
  • Keep sales reps in the territory they work in
Key Principles When Creating Sales Territories2017-09-20T12:05:41+00:00

Installing International Maps


We have updated the way you install additional international maps into AlignMix. Now you can pick and select which countries you would like to install instead of having to install them all at once.

Installing International Maps2018-09-10T13:20:05+00:00

Customize Placement of Sales Territory Labels


One of the most requested feature updates has finally come to AlignMix! You can now customize where you want your sales territory labels to appear.

With just a few clicks you can now select which noncontagious sales area should have the sales territory labels.

Customize Placement of Sales Territory Labels2018-09-10T13:20:41+00:00