World Map Layer

You can now toggle on and off the world map layer in AlignMix. This new feature will allow you to only display the country you are working while hiding all of the other countries.

Importing County Based Sales Territory Data

In order to import any County based data you first need make sure you have FIPS codes for your data. FIPS codes are 5 digit county codes that identify counties. You cannot use county names in AlignMix because there are many counties in different states that have the same names. That is why you need the FIPS code in order to create county based sales territory designs.

The Difference Between Account Data and Zip Code Data

This is a question that is asked quite often. What is the difference between account data and zip code data? Account data is linked to an account that is assigned to a zip code. Whereas zip code data is linked to an entire zip code. Accounts do not have to be assigned to the same territory as the zip code is. This is why we allow the software to separate the two data sets via two different imports.