Creating County Based Sales Territory Alignments



AlignMix will default to creating sales territories by 5 digit zip code. But what if you are only interested in creating county based sales territories? Well, in just a few clicks you can change the base geography in AlignMix and also set it as the default setting for future county based territory maps. Simply open AlignMix and then click on new. From the drop down menu you can now select the base geography you want to use for your new sales territory map.

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Changing Default Settings


In AlignMix you can easily change the default verbiage settings to match what your company uses in house. If you don’t have sales territories but do have sales areas then you can make that change with a few clicks. You can also change what you call Sales Reps, Customers, and Districts.

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Adding Sales Reps


In just a few clicks you can add and assign new sales reps to your sales territories. Simply right click on the sales territory and then click on properties. In this screen you click the plus sign next to sales rep and then type in the sales reps name and the home zip code, and click okay. That is it! You have now added a new sales rep and and assigned them to a sales territory.

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Sales Territory Label Prefix


When displaying sales territory data via the sales territory label you may forget which data set you are actually looking at (especially if you have multiple territory labels). This is why in AlignMix you can add a custom sales territory label prefix to any sales territory label. You simply click on Configure layers and then select territories. From here you simply add the caption for the sales territory label and click okay.

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