Zip Code Boundary Update

The 2019 Q2 US zip code boundary update is now available for all AlignMix Professional users. The update comes in two flavors: 5-digit zip codes and 3-digit zip codes.

To update, select “File -> Download & Install Geography”, then select the new geography.

This release is the first to add three important lakes: Lake Champlain, Salt Lake and Lake Okeechobee. This improves the visual appeal of the territory maps, but knowing the exact location of the lakes is important for sales territory design. This is particular true of Lake Champlain: a territory can effectively be incontiguous due to the difficulty moving from East to West crossing the Lake.

In past releases zip code 92376 was a strange incontiguous shape. This has now been corrected by the USPS and the zip code looks normal.


Select To Install Zip Code Updates

Demographic Data Update

Demographic data is now included with all AlignMix Professional licenses. The data installs along with new zip code boundary data. It includes the latest estimates for 297 series covering the whole of the US. It’s split into three sections: households, population, and property. To add series to your alignment select “File -> Import -> Import Third Part Data”, and follow the instructions.

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