Today we launched AlignMix 2019. Key new features include:

    • Three levels of aggregation (e.g. territory, district and region)
    • TouchAlign, Lasso, Radial Menu for all three levels
    • Custom tables
    • Better handling of personnel

We also outlined the new “In-House” and “Consulting” licenses, and the new Multi-User licensing model.

For the launch there are a number of special offers:

    • Three-for-Two AlignMix Professional Licenses (applied automatically at checkout)
    • In-house Multi-User License for US and Canada for $12k per year (a 20% discount)
    • High quality Canadian FSAs for $300 (40% discount) 

All offers run until June 1st 2019.

If you are a current Pro user, check your email for a link to download and install AlignMix 2019.

If you’ve tried AlignMix in the past and would like to try the new version then download the new version and apply for a free trial.

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