Please join us at 11 am (Eastern) on April 23, 2021 for the official launch of AlignMix AI. We’ve been working on this technology for ten years but didn’t want to release anything until we had something special — that time has now come. So it’s with great excitement that we’re launching this premium version of AlignMix. The feedback from AlignMix AI beta testers has been wonderful — it’s been called a “game changer”, and a “big step forward in sales territory mapping”.

On the launch webinar you’ll learn:

  • Four factors that all good territory optimizers need to take into consideration
  • How AlignMix AI will change your sales territory management workflow (and why this impact is different to other territory optimizers)
  • Three different ways to optimize your sales territories
  • How AlignMix can advise on where to add territories (or which territories to dissolve if you are reducing the sales force)
  • When to optimize the territories based on disruption or sales rep location
  • How to create logical territory names and IDs

We will also be revealing the AlignMix AI launch offers available to those attending the webinar.

To sign up for the AlignMix AI Launch Webinar simply enter your details below and you will receive an email with the webinar invite that you can then download to your calendar.


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