AlignMix with Tableau

Tableau is an excellent tool for creating visualization and analysis. This video tutorial shows you how to export your sales territories from AlignMix and import them as a spacial file into Tableau. You can then leverage Tableau to analyze your territory data and visualize the results on your own customize map.

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Request a New Pro Trial

Since we have made some changes to AlignMix Standard we would like to offer those AlignMix users the chance to use the Pro version for two more weeks during the month of August. If you are an AlignMix Standard user (Free Version) and would like to give the Pro version another try then you will need to send us your Unique ID number. Simply email us that number and we will send you a new activation code that will enable you to use the Pro features for two weeks.


Recent changes to AlignMix Standard include:

  • Free users are now limited to creating 10 sales territories per AlignMix file.
  • Free users are also limited to importing 500 Sales accounts (without data) per file.
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Re-Activating AlignMix


There are times that you may need to re-activate AlignMix and the original activation code wont work. This can happen after major windows updates, new versions of AlignMix, the annual license has expired, or you have migrated to a new PC. When this does happen simply email us the new Unique ID that appears at start up and we will generate a new activation code and send it right over to you.

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Single Territory Export to Google My Maps


In this how to video you will learn how to export a single territory to Google’s My Maps. This is done via the radial tool and in just a few clicks you will be able to view your territory in Google.

Single Territory Export to Google My Maps2018-07-23T10:29:52+00:00

Google My Maps Export

In this AlignMix how to video you will learn how to export your sales territories to Google’s My Maps. You can then view your sales territories in a Google Map! and share these maps via a custom link.

Google My Maps Export2018-07-03T09:37:33+00:00

AlignMix 2018 Launch Webinar

The newest version of AlignMix is finally here!

Google map exports can now be created via AlignMix.  Watch the video above to see all the new features that have just been released.


AlignMix 2018 Launch Webinar2018-07-03T09:34:27+00:00

AlignMix 2018 Beta Testers Tutorial

Please watch the video to get a basic understanding of the new features in AlignMix 2018. Here’s the list of changes:

2018-01-09 Version 2018.0.0.258
NEW – Export KML / KMZ files!!
NEW – Assign unassigned accounts to host geograph’s territory
NEW – Right click on territory to export to KML or Excel
NEW – Export current territory boundaries as KML / KMZ file
NEW – Save static boundary files as KML / KMZ files
NEW – Export data filtered by a static layer
FIX – TouchAlign is now always clickable
FIX – Updating the geography dialog was hidden by splash screen
FIX – Minor formatting error when exporting territory data
FIX – Would crash if geography for country not installed

AlignMix 2018 Beta Testers Tutorial2018-09-10T10:23:01+00:00

Installing International Maps

In this AlignMix how to video you will learn how to download and install international maps. The process of installing these international maps vary slightly depending on what browser you use to download the international file with. If you use Google Chrome the process will work just after double clicking the installed file. If you use Microsoft Edge or Explorer then you will have one more small step that just takes about 15 seconds. You will have to convert the zip file to a “.alg” file. You can do this by right clicking on the international file and then click properties. In this screen simply delete the “.zip” and replace it with “.alg” click ok, and then Yes. This file will now be a .alg file. Double click it and now AlignMix will install this new international map.


Installing International Maps2018-09-10T10:23:33+00:00

Activating AlignMix

In this video you will learn how to activate AlignMix. If this is the first time you are using AlignMix then this is the first video to watch. After you download and install AlignMix you will be asked for an activation code. Simply click the email button that appears when you load the software. The AlignMix team will then send you an activation code that you can then copy and paste into that pop up. This will activate AlignMix on your computer. If you have applied for the Pro trial, then you will have full use of the Pro version for two weeks, after the trial is up the software will downgrade to the free version of AlignMix. The free version of AlignMix has all of the tools and features of the Pro version but with some limited functionality. If you have just purchased the Pro version, the activation code will activate the Pro version on your computer for a full year.

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