Assign Territories to Districts

The Pro version of AlignMix allows you to create a three-level hierarchy. You can assign sales territories to districts and districts to regions. By default, the three levels are called territories, districts, and regions but you can change this in the AlignMix options. If your organization only uses two levels, then you can ignore the third level. Just make sure to name that third level something different than the two you are using for your files in order to avoid any confusion.

You can automatically assign sales territories to districts during the import process when you import your zip to territory assignments along with the territory to district assignments. The software will locate the zip code and assign that zip code to the sales territory that is in the excel file, the software will also assign that sales territory to the district. This process will only work if you have all the assignments in excel format and you are able to import the file correctly into AlignMix. Once imported you can use the territory properties to re-assign territories to different districts from the drop-down menu that says “district”.
If you do not have district assignments in excel format, then you can create these assignments manually in AlignMix. There are several ways to create this manual assignment. Territory Properties, Territory lasso, territory table view, and District map view. To assign a territory using the territory properties you first need to have created a territory. Then right click on the territory to pull up the radial tool. Now select territory properties. A new window will appear showing all the data pertaining to the territory you have clicked on. You will see the territory ID, name, assigned sales rep, and assigned district. IF you click the district drop-down you will the names of any district that already exists in your file. If you see no districts that means you have not created any yet. To create a new district assignment for this territory, click on the plus button to the right of the district drop-down. Now enter the name and ID of the district. Then click OK, and then click OK again at the bottom of the territory properties window.

Using the territory lasso tool, you can lasso multiple sales territories at the same time. When you release the territory lasso tool a summary will appear showing you what you have lassoed. Click next. You will now have the option to assign all of these lassoed sales territories to an existing district or assign them to a new district. Make your selection and click on Finish. You can verify that this assignment has been completed by view the territory properties for one of the territories you lassoed, and you should see that the territory is now assigned to a district.

The district map view is the final option for creating new districts. You will need to open a new tab and then select district map. From here you can use the touch align tool to create new districts. Just click and drag the touch align tool around to capture the sales territories. By default, you will see a red number appear showing the total number of territories assigned to this district. You can change this label in configure layers. Open configure layers then select district from the left side and then change the label to show district name. The software will also default to naming each district to district 1,2,3 and so on. You can then right click on a sales district and then choose the district properties. Here you will be able to rename the district that you have just right clicked on. In district map view you can also use the territory lasso tool to lasso multiple sales territories at once. When you release the lasso tool you will see the territory summary appear showing you details for all the territories you have lassoed. Click next. You can now assign these lassoed sales territories to a new district or select the second option that allows you to assign these sales territories to an existing sales district.

The territory table view is another option for assigning territories to districts. This option will not let you create a new a district, but you can use this option to assign territories to other districts that have been created using the other processes. To open up the territory table view click the plus button at the top to open a new tab. Then select tables from the left and now choose territory table. The territory table will show you a table summing up all the data to the territory level. You can assign territories to districts by double clicking the district cell. If no districts appear in this drop-down that means you have not created any districts yet. You will then need to use the previous methods for creating new districts.

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