Adding Sales Reps

In just a few clicks you can add and assign new sales reps to your sales territories. Simply right click on the sales territory and then click on properties. In this screen you click the plus sign next to sales rep and then type in the sales reps name and the home zip code, and click okay. That is it! You have now added a new sales rep and and assigned them to a sales territory.

Sales Territory Label Prefix

When displaying sales territory data via the sales territory label you may forget which data set you are actually looking at (especially if you have multiple territory labels). This is why in AlignMix you can add a custom sales territory label prefix to any sales territory label. You simply click on Configure layers and then select territories. From here you simply add the caption for the sales territory label and click okay.

Account Icons

In AlignMix you can customize the icons for each sales account and also modify at what zoom level each icon appears at. This allows you to create the best type of map display for your business.

Renaming Sales Territories

If you have not imported Sales territory names and are starting from scratch AlignMix will default to naming your sales territories; sales territory 1, sales territory 2, sales territory 3. If this system works for your sales territory design then you do not need to make any changes. But, if you would like to change that you can easily do that with just a few clicks.

Copy Data to Clipboard

In this AlignMix How to Video you will learn how to copy data directly from AlignMix and place it on your clipboard. This allows you to then easily paste this data into Excel or Word for easy sharing.

1 Minute Tip Part 1: Finding Help

In this first one minute tip you will learn how to find help when using AlignMix. The best place to start is the how-to section. You can also check out the quick start guide, this covers AlignMix from start to finish.

1 Minute Tip Part 2: Common Importing Mishaps

In this one minute tip you will learn how to import your data without getting any errors. If this is your first time working with a sales territory design software it may seem tricky at first. But once you give it a try you will see that the import process is pretty easy. The one thing to always remember is that anything you import needs a location (typically Zip code). If you have the zip code then you are almost ready to import your data in.

1 Minute Tip Part 3: Navigating AlignMix

In this one minute tip you will learn how to navigate AlignMix.

1 Minute Tip Part 4: Creating Sales Territories

In this one minute tip you will learn how to create sales territories. This video will cover the touch align tool, the circle select tool, and also the zip code lasso tool. With these tools you’ll be able to design sales territories in just a few minutes.

1 Minute Tip Part 5: Keyboard Tips

In this one minute tip you will learn how to use keyboard shortcuts in AlignMix.