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Finding and Reassigning Accounts

By Joey | January 11, 2016

Finding and reassigning accounts can be a real hassle without the proper tools. In this brief video you will learn how to copy and paste a list of accounts from Excel and paste them into AlignMix so that you can first find these accounts and then reassign them to another sales territory. This is one […]

A Complete Guide In Exporting Maps and Data

By Joey | January 4, 2016

 One really cool feature that comes with AlignMix is the ability to export data and maps from the software. Using the batch export tool that is available in the Pro Version of AlignMix 2016 you can export: Territory Maps Territory Data District Maps District Data Related posts: AlignMix Navigation – Keyboard Shortcuts Part 4 Touch […]

Guides and Tips In Using District Table View

By Joey | December 29, 2015

 All of the data that you have imported into the AlignMix software and assigned to a district will be displayed in this District Table. You can also toggle the visibility of each district allowing you to view one district at a time on the map. In addition to toggling the visibility of these districts […]

Filtering Account and Territory Data

By Joey | November 4, 2015

 Filtering Accounts is a powerful tool that allows you to select an area on the map and then drill down into the selected area where you can display only certain accounts from certain territories. This comes in very handy if you need to move a particular segment from a geography in a sales territory […]

Finding and Editing Account Overrides

By Joey | October 26, 2015

Account overrides (Special Ownership Accounts) are accounts that reside in one territory but are actually assigned to a different sales territory and sales rep. These overrides may exist because of a typo or just accounts that have never been re-assigned to the proper territory. It is important to find these overrides to make sure they […]

Keeping Sales Territories within a State Boundary

By stevemaughan | October 16, 2015

One of the most common questions we are asked, is how to keep a territory within a state boundary. AlignMix\’s Touch Align tool has a cool feature which makes this really easy to accomplish. Related posts: AlignMix Navigation – Keyboard Shortcuts Part 4 Touch Align to Skip Zip Codes Guide Customize the Account Segment Legend […]

Changing Sales Territory Colors

By Joey | October 8, 2015

In this AlignMix 2016 feature update you will learn how to change the colors of your territories. You can even change the color scheme so that those who have a color impairment can use and see the entire sales territory alignment with ease. Related posts: AlignMix Navigation – Keyboard Shortcuts Part 4 Touch Align to […]

Easy Sales Rep Assign – A Complete Simple Guide

By Joey | October 2, 2015

You can easily assign and re-assign sales representatives to their territories with just one click. Simply pull up the territory table tab and then click on any field that says open under the \”sales rep\” column to select the sales rep you want assigned to that territory. This video will show you how to do […]

AlignMix Views – The AlignMix Radial Tool

By Joey | September 18, 2015

The AlignMix Radial Tool is an easy way to access several options for your selected territories. The Radial Tool can be used at any time while using the AlignMix 2016 Territory Mapping Software. The video above will show you how to use this tool step by step. With the Radial Tool you can: Delete a […]

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