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District Properties

The district properties allow you to change the name, ID, assigned sales district manager, and assigned region all from one easy to use view. The ability to create districts and regions is available only to AlignMix Pro users. AlignMix pro users are able to create three levels of hierarchy. By default, you have territories assigned […]

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Importing Sales Reps | AlignMix

Importing Sales Reps

[ux_video url=\”\”] In AlignMix you are able to have sales reps assigned to sales territories. In the Pro version of AlignMix you can also have district managers assigned to districts and region managers assigned to regions. You can create the sales reps manually from within the AlignMix software or import a full list of sales

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Territory Tables | AlignMix

Territory Tables

The territory table view shows all the sales territories that you have created in an easy to understand and use table view. In this table all the data is summed up to the territory level. You can also edit the territory ID/Name, assign/reassign sales reps, and assign/reassign the sales territories to districts (first level of

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