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Tips and new feature announcements to help you use AignMix to its fullest.

Assign Territories to Districts

Assign Sales Territories to Districts

The Pro version of AlignMix allows you to create a three-level hierarchy. You can assign sales territories to districts and districts to regions. By default, the three levels are called territories, districts, and regions but you can change this in the AlignMix options. If your organization only uses two levels, then you can ignore the […]

New Global Dataset Update

AlignMix has gone global! We’re excited to announce the release of the new Countries of the World dataset for Pro users of AlignMix. You can now create sales territory maps by grouping countries together. For the purpose of importing or exporting your data, each country is identifies by their International 3 Digit ID. All the […]

Sharing Sales Territory Maps and Data

Save Maps and Data

Sharing Maps and Data Sharing sales territory maps and data after you have completed a sales territory redesign project is extremely important to the majority of AlignMix users. Sales reps, district managers and region managers may want to preview what sales territories look like before going live and confirm if certain accounts are assigned to […]

7 Tips for Mapping Sales Territories

Importing Sales Account Assignments

One of the biggest perks of using a sales territory mapping platform is to display the locations of your sales accounts/clients while at the same time viewing all of your sales territories. The two most important pieces of information that you need in order to import your sales account data is the location (Zip code) and the account name. Below you will find 7 tips for mapping sales accounts.