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Tips and new feature announcements to help you use AlignMix to its fullest.

Sales Territory and Zip Code Thematic Mapping

In this AlignMix feature update video post you will learn how to use the new thematic mapping tools. Thematic maps can show you under/over performing sales territories based on that data that you have imported into the mapping software. You can also customize the color scheme of the thematic map and also adjust individual bucket […]

New Features in Latest AlignMix 2016 Release

We’ve just released a new update for AlignMix. It’s a significant update and includes some cool new functionality. This will most likely be the last big update before the official launch in April (don’t worry, there’ll still be a free version after April). You can download and install the new version here (install over the top […]

A Comprehensive Guide In Combining Sales Territories

  Combing sales territories is very easy. You can simply use the lasso territories tool to select the territories and assign them to existing new territories. This is an important trick to remember because there may be a situation where you have a sales rep leave a territory and then this vacant territory needs to be […]