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Tips and new feature announcements to help you use AlignMix to its fullest.

Finding and Fixing Non-Contiguous Sales Territories

Non-contiguous territories are territories that have islands or little satellites of zip codes located in another sales territory. Typically these occur by accident and need to be cleaned up and fixed in order to have a properly designed sales territory design. There are occasions where these areas are intentional (similar to special account overrides) where […]

AlignMix Creating A Sales Territories – New Touch Align Tutorial

Touch Align is a technology breakthrough in both ease of use and power when it comes to sales territory mapping (we have a patent pending on this technology). In this new tutorial I show you how to use some of the more advanced features of Touch-Align, as well as the basics. You’ll learn: How to […]

Assigning Sales Territories to Districts

Assigning Territories to Districts from Steve Maughan on Vimeo. Many organizations have a hierarchy when it comes to their sales territories. It can either be districts then territories, or regions to territories, etc. That is why we decided that the newest version of AlignMix should allow users to do just that. You can assign your […]