2019-04-25 Version 2019.0.0.310
FIX – Wouldn’t do a batch export if no Districts were defined

2019-04-19 Version 2019.0.0.309
NEW – Export Zip Code Ranges to TDR
FIX – Export to Excel now possible when no territories have been created
FIX – URLs from within app now point to new pages on website
FIX – Header row icon was incorrect

2019-04-17 Version 2019.0.0.308
NEW – Lasso districts & regions
NEW – Circle select for territories, districts and regions
NEW – Double click in lasso mode to select one zip code, territory, district or region
NEW – Added second level of management (usually Regions)
NEW – Radial menu when right-clicking on a district or region map
NEW – Better graphics for New views
NEW – Support for Excel’s XLSM format
NEW – Drop-down menu for toggling labels
NEW – Drop-down menu for toggling rep / managers on or off
NEW – Can select the part containing the District’s labels
NEW – “Area” statistic added
NEW – “Compactness” statistic added
NEW – Complete re-write of Rep Edit module
NEW – Region Table with customization & Excel export
NEW – Improved District Table with customization & Excel export
NEW – Improved Territory Table with customization & Excel export
NEW – Improved personnel roster export (Now with distance to edge and center of geography)
NEW – “.alignmix” file format based on JSON
NEW – Certain geographies (e.g. Counties) are now not restricted by number of shapes per territory when for exporting
FIX – Bug when using the cleaning tool to reset point zipcodes
FIX – Download latest geography pack when earlier version already installed
FIX – Crashed when map query had an invalid option as the default
FIX – Crash when exporting a file that was already open in Excel
FIX – Possible AV when deleting data series in Over / Under map
FIX – AV when deleting a segment that was a district layer label
FIX – Geography account labels were corrupted when segments switched
FIX – Deprecated the old file formats (.alx & .pax)

2018-10-25 Version 2018.0.0.297
FIX – Territory table used rep ID, when it should have been rep name

2018-10-17 Version 2018.0.0.296
NEW – Assigning managers to Districts
NEW – District table exported to Excel
NEW – District count is displayed on status bar when looking at a district view
FIX – Bug when importing reps with attribute data

2018-11-06 Version 2018.0.0295 (Release of Rep Bug Fix Version)
FIX – Bug when importing reps with attribute data

2018-09-25 Version 2018.0.0.294
FIX – Better handling of lat / long imports

2018-09-11 Version 2018.0.0.293
NEW – Reset account overrides added to the map query tool
NEW – Thematic maps now start with the last data series as the basis for the analysis
FIX – Account labels gave AV if zip data was present

2018-08-15 Version 2018.0.0.291
NEW – Improved handling of old US zip codes, including reporting after loading
FIX – Transparent segment were being displayed as dots when zoomed out
FIX – AV when clicking on top row of Load Data and override screen

2018-08-01 Version 2018.0.0.287
FIX – Nasty bug associated with renaming customer segments
FIX – Now handles KML exports when names contain “&” character

2018-07-11 Version 2018.0.0.286
FIX – Lasso select now orders territories by the distance from selected shape

2018-07-10 Version 2018.0.0.285
FIX – Splash screen now won’t obscure dialogs showing restrictions
FIX – Fixed the territory restrictions
FIX – Updated the nag screen to reflect new restrictions
FIX – Updated the Standard vs. Professional comparison link
FIX – Nasty load bug when base geography of loading file is not present on machine
FIX – Redraw map when tab is deleted

2018-06-05 Version 2018.0.0.280
NEW – 64 & 32 bit versions available (installed automatically using set-up routine)
FIX – Better handling of Trial detection
FIX – More restricted Standard Version

2018-05-05 Version 2018.0.0.273
NEW – Download geography from within AlignMix
NEW – Standard version only uses the oldest geography (unified installer)
NEW – Deactivation function

2018-03-08 Version 2018.0.0.268
NEW – Adjusted the first four bytes of the geography pack file format to address renaming when downloaded by IE

2018-03-05 Version 2018.0.0.267
FIX – Data decimal places were not being saved (file format change required)

2018-03-01 Version 2018.0.0.266
NEW – Better data export for KML files
NEW – List of Shortcuts dialog
FIX – AV when creating a chart and no data loaded
FIX – Find zip code dialog will zoom to location faster

2018-02-14 Version 2018.0.0.265
NEW – Export KML / KMZ files!!
NEW – Enhanced Index Creation form
NEW – Assign unassigned accounts to host geography’s territory
NEW – Right click on territory to export to KML or Excel
NEW – Export current territory boundaries as KML / KMZ file
NEW – Save static boundary files as KML / KMZ files
NEW – Export data filtered by a static layer
FIX – TouchAlign is now always clickable
FIX – Updating the geography dialog was hidden by splash screen
FIX – Minor formating error when exporting territory data
FIX – Would crash if geography for country not installed
FIX – Would sometimes crash when loading file with charts
FIX – Zooms to default when starting
FIX – Reduced color clash when adding territories
FIX – Always have “.alx” as the default file format
UPD – New file format to accommodate Index feature

2017-10-18 Version 2016.0.3.252
NEW – Gives the user the options to update geography when opening files
FIX – AV after canceling and quickly reloading third party data

2017-09-19 Version 2016.0.3.251
FIX – Now shows decimal places for low range thematic legend data

2017-08-30 Version 2016.0.3.250
NEW – Improved parsing of rep names

2017-08-10 Version 2016.0.3.249
FIX – Much faster rendering when not showing map with many different segments loaded

2017-07-23 Version 2016.0.3.248
FIX – Access violation could occasionally occur when exiting AlignMix

2017-07-21 Version 2016.0.3.247
FIX – Problem if account lat / longs are imported which are not in normal lat / long range
FIX – New territory charts default to the last data series
FIX – Territory boundaries could occasionally be exported in a way which cause the drawing routine to crash
FIX – Potential memory leak when exporting charts
NEW – Changed the Key for Standard Version
NEW – New error reporting tool (MadExcept)

2017-05-10 Version 2016.0.3.245
NEW – New versions are downloaded directly from the Application Update form
FIX – Setup file installed some geography into wrong folders
FIX – Added, “Create New Series (Click for Replace Options)” to data load form
FIX – Incorrect spelling of “percentile” on territory chart
FIX – Font color on query dialog didn’t show up for some themes

2017-05-03 Version 2016.0.3.244
NEW – Warns the user if version of geography is not available on local machine
FIX – Segment layer data was not being saved correctly
FIX – Standard version now cannot have any data
FIX – AV when deleting last segment
FIX – Reverted to default account color by segment
FIX – Nag screen was still showing up for some Professional users

2017-04-23 Version 2016.0.2.243
FIX – AV when displaying account labels and deleting the data series

2017-04-07 Version 2016.0.2.242
FIX – Problem when RepID is set without RepName (introduced in previous version)

2017-04-05 Version 2016.0.2.241
FIX – Corruption of rep list when Rep ID is not the same as the Rep Name **NASTY**

2017-04-03 Version 2016.0.2.240
NEW – Legend can now be configured from the “Customize Layers” form
NEW – Legend can auto-fit to size of the screen
FIX – Now doesn’t throw an AV if cannot write config file

2017-03-28 Version 2016.0.2.238
NEW – Can now copy accounts and zips to clipboard without losing selection
NEW – City density is now persistent between sessions
FIX – Territory boundary parameters were not loading correctly
FIX – Point zips weren’t always assigned in the Clean Alignment tool
FIX – Unassigned segments could be moved up or down

2017-03-09 Version 2016.0.2.236
NEW – Ctrl-Tab to cycle through the tab views
FIX – Now defaults to initially color accounts by territory color
FIX – Country outline is now updated when shapes are updated
FIX – Bug in update geography could mess up the zip selection procedure
FIX – Importing accounts without account ID twice, results in the first set of accounts being overwitten

2017-02-13 Version 2016.0.2.235
NEW – Nag screen is now every time for Standard Mode
NEW – Can upgrade from nag screen
NEW – Ability to show or hide the world layer
NEW – Can now change the resolution of the world background file (if multiple versions present on system)
NEW – Double click on the AlignMix logo on the security for to delete the config file
FIX – Can cause a crash if you press a key while loading data
FIX – Crash when cleaning alignment
FIX – TouchAlign only keeps true point zips together (zips with only one neighbor are not force to go with that neighbor)
FIX – Possibility of a corrupt file if you load an file which references geography no longer on your system

2017-01-06 Version 2016.0.2.232
NEW – Improved way to handle legacy zip code – now only assigns legacy if no other current zip assignment
NEW – When deleting a segment, you now have the option to delete the accounts in that segment
NEW – Update Application now redirects to download page if a new version is available
NEW – Can now specify the part of the territory to display labels
NEW – Added a link to the International page on “New Project” dialog

2016-12-12 Version 2016.0.2.231
NEW – Pressing “B” while in TouchAlign mode temporarily disable the feature to enable you to “bridge” to another area
FIX – Mode shortcuts “L” and “R” now work in Pan mode
FIX – Changed lasso select – now selects all account but only shows visible selected when in “Zip & Account” mode

2016-12-05 Version 2016.0.2.230
FIX – In “Zips & Accounts” mode, when lassoing all accounts in zip code are added to the selection
FIX – When lassoing territories, AlignMix could lock tools
FIX – Importing now ignores the case of the Zip ID (useful for UK and Canadian post codes)
FIX – Changed the Orphan Account report to show Account ID

2016-10-28 Version 2016.0.2.229
NEW – Added new way to install geography packs

2016-10-10 Version 2016.0.2.227
FIX – Lasso select is now checked when selected using the drop-down
FIX – AV when pasting overlapping zips and account from clipboard and assigning to territory
FIX – Rep Edit form can now be resized
FIX – Rep Edit form shows reps in alphabetical order
FIX – “Star” shaped accounts now display on query form and territory properties
FIX – City font color is now persistent between sessions
FIX – Merge data dialog is shown only when relevant

2016-09-21 Version 2016.0.2.226
NEW – Added the option to select your country and geography when you first start the application
FIX – Can only use mode shortcuts (e.g. “L”, “R” or “A”) when in Lasso or Touch align mode
FIX – Account ID included in the Orphan Account report

2016-09-13 Version 2016.0.2.224
NEW – Pressing the “L” key and clicking on a territory or district will now toggle their “lock” status
FIX – Colors for districts are now saved!

2016-08-09 Version 2016.0.2.223
NEW – The “BUY” URL can now be set in the ini file

2016-08-08 Version 2016.0.2.222
FIX – Merging of demographic data was completely wrong!
FIX – Pressing on the find zip code now exits the form
FIX – Corrected shape and account labels for Data Configuration dialog box

2016-08-02 Version 2016.0.2.221
NEW – Account labels (different by segment)
NEW – Change how dark the reps are (0% = same as territory, 100% = Black)

2016-07-27 Version 2016.0.2.219
NEW – Can handle UK post code sectors

2016-07-24 Version 2016.0.2.218
NEW – Added a nag screen for Standard version users
NEW – Removed Thematic maps for Standard users
NEW – Removed Clean Alignment tool from Standard version
FIX – Prefix / suffix labels weren’t always changing using the Data Definitions dialog
FIX – Lasso / circle select now shows data element captions
FIX – Main form labels now update after changes to the options form

2016-06-23 Version 2016.0.2.217
FIX – Unable to load any data into the Standard version

2016-06-11 Version 2016.0.2.216
FIX – Territory segment counts were not being updated when accounts were deleted or unassigned

2016-05-26 Version 2016.0.2.214
FIX – Sales reps now *must* have a home zip code (can have an AV without)
FIX – Tightened restrictions on setting districts when using Standard version
FIX – Now the Standard version can only show one territory label

2016-05-24 Version 2016.0.2.209
NEW – Changes to the city font are now global for all alignments
NEW – Added District to the Zip code and Account exports

2016-05-23 Version 2016.0.2.205
NEW – When Lassoing geography you can now copy list of zip codes or accounts to clipboad
NEW – Can delete lassoed accounts

2016-05-17 Version 2016.0.2.203
FIX – Possible Most-Recently-Used list AV
FIX – AV after renaming a district
FIX – Now clears the document name after a new project
FIX – Assigning lasso query of account to a new territory has a territory combo sorted by proximity

2016-05-12 Version 2016.0.2.202
NEW – Added new icons for Reps
NEW – “Star” symbol for customer segments
FIX – *NASTY* bug which corrupts alx files after a territory is deleted
FIX – AV when “appear” and “max size” were the same for accounts etc.

2016-05-05 Version 2016.0.2.197
NEW – Much faster loading of third party data

2016-04-25 Version 2016.0.2.192
NEW – Better “create geography” dialogs (choosing previous templates)
NEW – Added a routine to estimate drive-time to adjacent zip codes

2016-04-21 Version 2016.0.2.191
FIX – AV when installed on European machine with “,” as decimal separator

2016-04-15 Version 2016.0.2.190
FIX – Sales rep latitude was not being converted into Mercator projection when imported

2016-04-07 Version 2016.0.2.187
NEW – Better default colors for accounts
FIX – Screen refresh after Index dialog

2016-04-07 Version 2016.0.2.187
Official release version

2016-04-06 Version 2016.0.1.186
NEW – Exposed the previously hidden “Create Index” feature
FIX – Removed Notification center (causing an OLE exception on Wayne’s machine)
FIX – Would always draw Static layers for extended map
FIX – Added date of shapes files on license form

2016-04-05 Version 2016.0.1.183
FIX – Images on menu are now sharp (they were a little blurd)
FIX – Now using the DocumentName property to display the current file name
FIX – Checks to ensure you can write to a directory before exporting data
FIX – Removed Pins from MRU list (they don’t do anything)
FIX – AV when changing territories district then deleting territory
FIX – Territory properties title bar could appear off screen

2016-03-31 Version 2016.0.1.182
NEW – Can now import third party data! (if available)
FIX – Changed the way the unique ID of each machine in created

2016-03-28 Version 2016.0.1.181
NEW – Import csv files
NEW – Can chose to hide territory outline of invisible territories
NEW – Can select the color of each territory or district label element
NEW – Standard mode restrictions are applied to loading files, data import and Pro features
FIX – Can now lasso override accounts in none visible territories
FIX – District and territory captions were not saved

2016-03-24 Version 2016.0.1.180
NEW – Update to latest geography used in your alignment (e.g. to new zip code boundaries)
NEW – Note for users to enter zip code data when importing their data
NEW – Can hide zip code label for unassigned zips and territories which are not visible
NEW – Can hide unassigned zip code on thematic zip code map
NEW – Can edit the maximum value on a thematic map
NEW – Change the name of a district in the district table
NEW – If professional key is entered by user and is less than 31 days, a standard key is created for one year
FIX – Territory border is now saved in “alx” format

2016-03-17 Version 2016.0.1.177
NEW – Edit the zipcode adjacency table – users can now create or destroy links
NEW – Added adjancency for major islands and zips connected by roads
NEW – Paste Account ID or Zipcodes from clipboard button
FIX – Now cannot undo / redo when in the process of touch aligning
FIX – Cannot select “Only Accounts” if no accounts are loaded
FIX – Bug in Maponics import routine – could result in “islands” with no adjacency

2016-03-14 Version 2016.0.1.174
NEW – Native file format contains all project information
NEW – Add / Delete custom static layers
NEW – Create custom layers from current territories
NEW – Added a “find zip code” button (ctrl-F)

2016-03-09 Version 2016.0.1.168
FIX – Changed the format of Static Layers to also hold information about when the label can appear
FIX – Rewrite of internal undo / redo manager to allow streaming
FIX – Removed some unused fields from the geographic point object (reduced memory usage)
FIX – Corrected some Segment management routines

2016-03-02 Version 2016.0.1.166
NEW – Better handling of accounts when importing zip code data
FIX – Memory leak with orphan accounts
FIX – Better handling of configuration options
FIX – Rare cases of invalid expiration dates
FIX – Regression bug
FIX – Can now scroll down new map view on low resolution monitors

2016-02-26 Version 2016.0.1.161
NEW – Zip code thematic maps
NEW – Territory thematic maps
NEW – Customize the thematic style
NEW – Better “New View” screen
NEW – Touch Align adds district if initial mouse on unassigned district
NEW – Hold down the “a” key to add a territory in Touch Align mode
NEW – Select the default geography from the New Project form
NEW – Large Page Memory Access – hopefully more stable on old machines
NEW – Better rendering of zip codes (no corruption of images when zoomed out)
NEW – Multiple activation keys are stored
FIX – Deep bug with order of Districts
FIX – Other views refresh after changing the alignment
FIX – Tabs would go blank after importing data

2016-02-11 Version 2016.0.1.152
NEW – Multi-core rendering (up to +100% speed-up on 4 core machine)
NEW – District boundary layer on all maps
NEW – District boundary map
NEW – District Touch Align
NEW – Can change the town and city font (although not saved in pax file)
FIX – Problem with Territory Labels when deleting data or segments
FIX – Ugly tab behavior when switching from one map to another

2016-02-02 Version 2016.0.1.144
FIX – Possible Hotspot “Range Error”

2016-01-24 Version 2016.0.1.143
NEW – Added the ability to unassign accounts using the “paste” feature
FIX – AV after deleting all territories in a District

2016-01-13 Version 2016.0.1.142
FIX – AV after selecting the top row from the import data spreadsheet
FIX – AV when zooming after deleting a map

2016-01-11 Version 2016.0.1.140
NEW – Added territory “Hotspots” to show where the highs are within a territory
FIX – Deleting of data used as territory labels
FIX – Deleting of segment used as territory labels and map views
FIX – Exchanging segments now correctly handled for map views
FIX – Map scrolling when a dialog box has focus
FIX – Removed the redundant “Cancel” button from the Data Definition form
ADD – Added a warning when deleting data series on the Data Definition form

2015-12-29 Version 2016.0.1.138
NEW – Thematic territory map showing territories over or under average
FIX – Cleaned up some redundant calls to update toolbar
FIX – Added Error report back (somehow had not been included in latest versions)

2015-12-15 Version 2016.0.1.135
FIX – Regressive AV fixed
FIX – Bug in paste zip codes from clipboard

2015-12-14 Version 2016.0.1.134
FIX – Incorrect redering of zip codes with island in a “donut”
FIX – Double-clicking now gives same behavior as “File Open”
FIX – Batch export now skips any districts or territories which are not visible

2015-12-11 Version 2016.0.1.131
FIX – Improved paste from clipboard
FIX – Account delete bug fixed (didn’t delete from zip code account list)

2015-12-10 Version 2016.0.1.129
FIX – Paints correctly when unassigning zips using Touch Align
FIX – AV when reconfiguring the data (e.g. order)

2015-12-02 Version 2016.0.1.126
NEW – Paste zip codes and account ID into AlignMix and re-assign or delete

2015-11-19 Version 2016.0.1.124
NEW – Improved batch export, including Excel territory reports and District maps

2015-11-13 Version 2016.0.1.123
NEW – District table
FIX – Now saves chart preferences between sessions

2015-10-29 Version 2016.0.1.122.
NEW – Converted all configuration files to unicode
FIX – AV when reading reps with invalid home zip codes
FIX – AV when selecting zip codes with no accounts
FIX – Corrected header labels on account query dialog

2015-09-29 Version 2016.0.1.120
FIX – AV when reading in zip codes which are string formulas

2015-09-28 Version 2016.0.1.119
NEW – Color selection dialog now has customer colors based on current color palette
NEW – Now uses Unicode to store all text files (will help with future international versions
FIX – AV when doing batch save of territory maps

2015-09-04 Version 2016.0.1.109
NEW – Double click on zip count or Territory data in a territory table to zoom to that territory
NEW – Double click on a “No” in the contiguous column of territory table to zoom to the smallest cluster
NEW – Double click on territory color to change color using the color dialog box
FIX – Some zip codes in Peurto Rica were incorrectly processed

2015-09-02 Version 2016.0.1.108
FIX – AV when using Touch Align to unassign accounts which are already unassigned

2015-09-01 Version 2016.0.1.107
FIX – Edit Reps dialogue now works as expected and undo is available
FIX – Delete Territories was always active, even when no territory was selected

2015-08-31 Version 2016.0.1.106
NEW – Now you can change the assigned rep from the Territory table
FIX – When toggling visibility using the Territory Table, the map now refreshes instantly
FIX – Incorrect assigning of Districts using Lasso tool when all territories already assigned
FIX – Districts corrupted when adding a territory when all territoires already assigned
FIX – Undoing and redoing a “new territory” now keeps the original color

2015-08-28 Version 2016.0.1.105
NEW – When loading account data, an Account ID is created if one does not already exist

2015-08-28 Version 2016.0.1.104
FIX – AV when radial menu close after changing view
FIX – Wrong pastel color for tables

2015-08-28 Version 2016.0.1.103
FIX – Bug when importing data from a template
FIX – Lock icon transparency issue
NEW – Ability to hide / show territories

2015-08-25 Version 2016.0.1.100
FIX – Added the “Edit Reps” button back
FIX – Double click on column heading to resize

2015-08-25 Version 2016.0.1.99
FIX – Gallery wouldn’t collapse when expanded

2015-08-24 Version 2016.0.1.98
FIX – Naming inconsistencies
FIX – Column sizing on territory properties

2015-08-20 Version 2016.0.1.93
NEW – Initial Release!

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