Changing Territory, District, and Region Colors

When creating sales territories in AlignMix or any other sales territory mapping application you need to easily change the colors of territories so that you do not have two territories side by side that are the same color. When this happens its hard to tell where one territory ends and the other starts. When importing data, you may see this happen if you have a lot of sales territories grouped into a small area on the map. When this does happen, you can easily change the colors of the one territory or all of the territories at the same time. If you are using the Pro version of AlignMix you can apply all these methods to changing the colors of your sales districts and sales regions if you have created a hierarchy.

The most common way to change the color of an individual sales territory is to click on the re-color tool on the home menu. After you select the re-color tool, left click on any sales territory. This will immediately change the colors of that territory. You can keep clicking and the colors will cycle through the color palette. To change the color palette, click on the Map option at the top of the screen. The first option is selected by default. You can choose any other palette and all the territory colors will change colors at the same time. If you open the drop-down menu you will see a dozen choices to choose from. There is also a color palette that works well for users that are partially color impaired.

If you are using any other alignment tool you can press and hold the R button on your keyboard and that will turn on the re-color tool. As soon as you let go of the R button the tool will revert to the tool you were originally using. The same keyboard shortcut can be used when you are viewing a district map and the region map.

Another way to change the color of a territory is to open the radial tool and select the color button. This method allows you to choose a custom color that is not part of the color palette. You can even use this view to add additional colors to the color palette that is currently selected. The right side of the color selection window allows you to type in the hex numbers for creating custom colors. The radial tool method can be used for the district and region map views.

From the radial tool you can also access the territory properties. In the territory properties you can edit the territory name, ID, assigned Sales rep, and assigned district. Below the second drop-down you will see a color box. Clicking this color box allows you to change the color of the territory. You can also change the color of the lock that appears when you lock a territory. If you are working on a district map you can open the district properties and change the district colors this same way. The same method can be used when you are working on the third level of assignment. By default, the third level is Regions. Opening the region properties will allow you to change the region name, ID, assigned region manager and change the regions color.

The final way to change territory colors is to open a territory table. The far-left side of the table will be a color block. Clicking this color block will open the color selection view where you can change the color of the sales territory. The limitation with this method is that you cannot see the territory you are customizing. You will have to go back to the territory alignment tab to view the color changes. You can change the colors of districts and regions the exact same way. The district table view will also show a color box on the far left. Clicking that box will allow you to change the color of the district. The same limitations apply at the district and region level. You will need to revert back to the map views in order to see what the districts and regions look like after the color changes.

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