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AlignMix Sales Territory Design and Management

Yes, AlignMix provides comprehensive training for sales territory design and mapping, both in-person and remotely. Our in-person training spans a full 8-hour day or two half-days, utilizing either our data or yours (with an NDA if needed). Remote training mirrors this format, ensuring flexibility and depth. For detailed pricing and arrangements, fill out our contact form for prompt assistance.

Absolutely, upgrading from AlignMix Pro to our advanced AI version is straightforward. We'll credit any remaining balance from your current Pro license towards the AI upgrade. To initiate this upgrade, simply contact us via email or our contact form for a seamless transition.

Certainly! AlignMix offers global coverage, sourcing sales territory maps for nearly every country. While the quality of some maps may vary, we ensure a wide selection. For specific requests and pricing on international shapes, please use our dedicated form: AlignMix International Shapes Inquiry.

Yes, AlignMix supports license transfers. In-house users can transfer their licenses at any time, while consulting users have the option for an annual, cost-free transfer. Subsequent transfers are offered at a reduced rate. This will make it easier for your sales territory management.

Indeed, our roots are in consulting. AlignMix was developed as an internal tool for our resource allocation clients. We offer a full range of consulting services including alignment, segmentation, and resource allocation, tailored to enhance your sales territory management.

Yes, we offer various licensing options suitable for company-wide, business unit, or global deployment, available for both AlignMix Pro and AI versions. To explore these options and find the best fit for your organization, please contact us for detailed information.

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