Finding and Editing Account Overrides

Account overrides (Special Ownership Accounts) are accounts that reside in one territory but are actually assigned to a different sales territory and sales rep. These overrides may exist because of a typo or just accounts that have never been re-assigned to the proper territory. It is important to find these overrides to make sure they are assigned to the correct sales rep. Why would you have an account override? Account Overrides mainly exist in order to maintain business relationships that may be sensitive to change. If you have a sales rep that has been seeing the same client for 20 plus years then you would not want to make any changes. This is why you would create an override for this account and make sure that the original sales rep will continue to call on this special account. This video will show you how to find and edit these account overrides. If you would like to create new account overrides click here to view a post about creating account overrides.

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