Delete Sales Accounts

Any data set that is imported into AlignMix can be deleted with just a few clicks. You can delete all of the data in the map or you can delete data in a small section that you lasso. You can also delete individual accounts with data if you imported sales accounts with an account ID.

To delete all of the sales accounts in your map you can lasso the entire country. When you let go of the lasso tool a summary will appear, in this summary you will see everything you have lassoed. From here you click on next. This window will show you several options that you can perform with this lassoed area. Select the Delete accounts options and it will delete all of the accounts that are found in the lassoed section. As soon as you delete these accounts the account legend in the top right of the map should disappear. If you still see the account legend, then you have not deleted all of the accounts on the map. Make sure to select the entire country including any islands that may belong to the country you are working on. For the USA, make sure to include Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico in the lasso.

Another way to delete all of your accounts is to use the configure layers. If you follow this process you will need to delete each account segment. Click on configure layers (this is found on the home menu and also in the view menu). When configure layers opens you will see a new window appear on the screen. On the left side you will see each section that you can customize. In the accounts section you will see a list of every account segment (you will only see account segments if you imported segmented accounts) Now, select the first account segment you want to delete. After you click the account segment you then click the trash can icon at the bottom of the configure layers window. This will delete the account segment. You will need to repeat this process for each account segment that you have imported. Click OK when you have deleted the final account segment. You will now see the account legend in the top right of the screen disappear. This will confirm that all of the account segments have been deleted. To double check that all accounts have been deleted you can lasso the entire country. The map summary will show you that no accounts are found in the lassoed area.

If you are also planning to delete all of your imported data sets then you will need to follow a few more steps to completely delete the data from your file. Click on Data Definition (found on the Home Menu). When data definition loads you will see a full list of every data set that has been imported on the left side of the widow. Click on a data set to select it, then click the trash can at the bottom of the window to delete the data set. Once deleted you will not be able to recover this data set. So, make sure you really want to delete this data set. If you delete the data set by accident you can either close the file without saving and reopen it, or you can re-import the data into this file. Once again you can double check that you have deleted the data sets by using the lasso tool and lasso the entire country. You should now see that there are no data sets or accounts found in the lassoed area. If there are still data sets and accounts in the summary you can repeat the steps above to delete the data and accounts from the file.

You can also delete individual sales accounts if you imported the accounts with an account ID. All you need to do is copy a list of the account IDs. Once those IDs are in your clipboard you can then paste them into AlignMix. You can do this by clicking on tools, and then click on paste from clipboard. You can also type ctrl v on the keyboard to paste the IDs directly into AlignMix. When you paste these IDs a new window will appear in AlignMix. Click next. You can now choose to delete the pasted accounts. Only the accounts that you have just copied/pasted into the software will be deleted. All other accounts and data sets will remain intact.

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