This three-hour package, which offers the flexibility of use at any time without expiry, includes an in-depth exploration of AlignMix's capabilities:

  • Installation and Setup: Understanding the AlignMix installation process.
  • Base Geography and Preparatory Inquiries: Deciphering essential concepts for initial setup.
  • Data Integration and Preparation: Learning about diverse data types and their preparation for import into AlignMix.
  • Data Importation and Troubleshooting: Step-by-step guidance on importing data and resolving common issues.
  • Creating and Applying Alignment Index: Tools to quantify and enhance territory alignment.
  • Thematic Maps for Alignment Analysis: Identifying key areas of alignment using thematic maps.
  • Territory Analysis with Chart View: Analyzing alignments and performance using AlignMix’s chart view.
  • Evaluating Territory Efficiency: Techniques to assess and improve the compactness of a territory.
  • Territory Contiguity Verification: Quick methods to ensure contiguous territories.
  • Detailed Territory Management: Setting up table views for managing territories, districts, and regions.
  • Map Navigation and Customization: Mastering the art of map navigation and customization.
  • Dynamic Territory Labels: Implementing dynamic labels to reflect changes in territories.
  • In-depth Territory Information: Using the lasso tools and table views for detailed territory insights.
  • Territory-specific Property Management: Reviewing and managing individual territory properties.
  • Static Layers for Current Sales Structures: Creating layers to represent existing sales structures.
  • Assigning Sales Representatives: Strategies for assigning sales reps to specific territories.
  • Utilizing Alignment Modes: Effectively using three distinct alignment modes within AlignMix.
  • Territory Boundary Adjustments with the Touch Align Tool: Techniques for adjusting territory boundaries for optimal alignment.
  • Selective Territory Realignments: Tools like circle select and lasso for accurate territory adjustments.
  • Reassigning Zip Codes or Accounts: Strategies for reallocating specific areas or accounts.
  • Exporting Maps and Reports: Exporting maps to PowerPoint, Excel, PDF and batch exporting for presentations.
  • Google MyMaps Integration: Techniques for geographical sharing through Google MyMaps.
  • Advanced Analytics with Tableau: Optional methods for importing AlignMix maps into Tableau for enhanced analysis.

Fee: $500

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