1 Minute Tip 11: Exporting Data

In this eleventh 1 Minute Tip video you will learn how to export your data out of AlignMix and into Excel, PPT, PDF and image files.


When using the AlignMix Ai Trial your exports will be slightly limited. Image exports will have an AlignMix Watermark and excel exports will be missing every other row of data.

Types of exports:

  • High Resolution PDF Export: you can choose the resolution of the high resolution pdf exports and also choose the paper size.
  • Excel Export: The Excel export will export all of your sales territory, zip, account, and sales rep data to one Excel workbook.
  • Batch Export: The batch export option will create several exports for you at the same time. Territory level PDF and Excel files. PowerPoint files at the National, Region, and District Level. You can also include image exports for each level of assignment.
  • KML Export: Kml exports can be used to import into other pieces of software like google maps and even tableau.

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