Exporting Full Zip Code List

AlignMix allows you to export a full list of every zip code that exists in your AlignMix file. This same process applies to any country that you are using. If you are working on a map for Canada, then this process would export the Canadian FSAs into an excel file. The zip code export will allow you to view every zip code that exists and show you what territory each one of these zip codes is assigned to. Some companies will call this type of file the “zip to terr” or the “zip to territory” or “zip assignment” file. When you have this type of file you can then easily import these zip code assignments into any mapping program to create all of your existing sales territories.

Any export that you use in the AlignMix software will give you all of the most recent data assignments. It will not include anything original assignments, it will only show you how sales territories and sales reps are assigned now. If you have created a USA map with 100 territories and removed 5 of those territories, then the export will only show the 95 territories that currently exist in your file. The same applies if you have created an AlignMix file for any other base geography like the UK, France, Mexico, Canada, or China. Yes, AlignMix can be used with almost any country. For more information on International maps you can click here.

The zip code export is found in the export to excel button. When you select this option, you will be able to choose what you would like to include in the export. You can export a list of all the zip codes, a list of all sales accounts, a list of the sales reps, and a territory and district table. The territory table is a view found in the software that shows all of the territory data summed up to the territory level. The same applies for the district and region tables.  You do have the option to select every option during the export to excel export. AlignMix will then place each of the options into a different tab in the excel workbook.

The account list export will show you all the details that you initially imported at the start of your mapping project and include the newest territory, rep, and district assignments. If additional data was imported linked to the account IDs, then that data too would be included in this export. Many users use this export to update their CRM systems with the new territory and rep assignments. This saves a lot of time because every account can be updated all at once, and therefor no need to manually re-assign the sales accounts. If accounts have been deleted from your AlignMix file, then those accounts will not be included in the export because they no longer exist in the file that you are working on. The same applies for any territories that have been deleted and sales reps.

The zip to territory export does include more information than just the zip code and the assigned sales territory. If there was any data imported at the zip code level, then this data will to be exported during this process. The assigned sales rep will also be shown in a data column in this export. If you created a hierarchy of assignments in your map, then the export will also show these assignments. By default, the hierarchy is territory, district, and region but this can be changed in the AlignMix options.

During the export to excel you can choose to select only one option. This is how you can export just the zip to territory file. If you click on next instead of finish you will have the chance to customize how the excel file will look. You can change the colors and some of the fonts. If you click on Finish instead of next then the excel export will use the default settings for the export. You can always further customize the layout and colors by using Excel. When the file is exported you can use all the usual excel functions. You can use the sort and filter functions to show just one territories assignment. If you planned on creating individual “zip to territory” territory exports, then you can save a lot of time by using the batch export tool instead of using the export to excel export. The batch export tool will create a separate image and excel file for every sales territory that will include a zip code list and account list for each sales territory.

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