Activating AlignMix

In this video you will learn how to activate AlignMix. If this is the first time you are using AlignMix then this is the first video to watch. After you download and install AlignMix you will be asked for an activation code.

Simply click the email button that appears when you load the software. The AlignMix team will then send you an activation code that you can then copy and paste into that pop up. This will activate AlignMix on your computer.

If you have applied for the Pro trial, then you will have full use of the Pro version for two weeks, after the trial is up the software will downgrade to the free version of AlignMix. The free version of AlignMix has all of the tools and features of the Pro version but with some limited functionality. If you have just purchased the Pro version, the activation code will activate the Pro version on your computer for a full year.

Changing the Default Geography

Changing the Default Geography in AlignMix can be done in just a few clicks. You first need some international maps. To download the free AlignMix maps visit the AlignMix international page. Then you simply start a new sales territory design project and select the new geography from the drop down menu and then click make default.

Creating County Based Sales Territories

Using AlignMix you can create ZIP-Code or County Based Sales territories. In order to create a county based sales territory design you first need to make sure that you have FIPS codes for all of your counties. FIPS codes are 5 digit unique identifiers for each county.

Without that you wouldn’t be able to locate counties accurately. Just think of how many “Orange” counties exist in the USA. This is why you need this 5 digit FIPS code for a county based territory alignment.

Watch the video above to learn how to set up a county based AlignMix file and also how to import your county data.

Creating County Based Sales Territory Alignments

AlignMix will default to creating sales territories by 5 digit zip code. But what if you are only interested in creating county based sales territories? Well, in just a few clicks you can change the base geography in AlignMix and also set it as the default setting for future county based territory maps.

Simply open AlignMix and then click on new. From the drop down menu you can now select the base geography you want to use for your new sales territory map.

New Global Dataset Update

AlignMix has gone global! We’re excited to announce the release of the new Countries of the World dataset for Pro users of AlignMix. You can now create sales territory maps by grouping countries together. For the purpose of importing or exporting your data, each country is identifies by their International 3 Digit ID.

All the usual sales territory mapping tools and analysis can be applied to this data set.

You will need the latest version of AlignMix 2019 that was released today (2019.0.0.320). Pro users can download this (for free) from:

Contact us if you have any questions.


Re-Activating AlignMix

There are times that you may need to re-activate AlignMix and the original activation code wont work. This can happen after major windows updates, new versions of AlignMix, the annual license has expired, or you have migrated to a new PC. When this does happen simply email us the new Unique ID that appears at start up and we will generate a new activation code and send it right over to you.

Request a New Pro Trial

Since we have made some changes to AlignMix Standard we would like to offer those AlignMix users the chance to use the Pro version for two more weeks during the month of August. If you are an AlignMix Standard user (Free Version) and would like to give the Pro version another try then you will need to send us your Unique ID number. Simply email us that number and we will send you a new activation code that will enable you to use the Pro features for two weeks.

Recent changes to AlignMix Standard include:

  • Free users are now limited to creating 10 sales territories per AlignMix file.
  • Free users are also limited to importing 500 Sales accounts (without data) per file.

Updating AlignMix

We recommend updating AlignMix every few weeks to make sure that you are using the most recent version of the software. Simpy click on file and then on update AlignMix application to start the update process.

Using International Maps

If you are interested in using AlignMix for countries other than the USA then make sure to first download AlignMix from the international page.¬†Then in just a few clicks you’ll be able to access the international maps that come free with AlignMix.