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If you are looking to download the two week Pro trial then you can go to this link:

If you have purchased AlignMix Pro then you can use this link to download AlignMix Pro:

If you are using a corporate PC that requires Admin rights then you may need to reach out to your IT department so that you can download and install AlignMix onto your PC. AlignMix is a windows desktop application so you need to have Microsoft windows in order to use the AlignMix software.

Activating AlignMix

To activate your AlignMix software, start by purchasing a license for either AlignMix Pro or AlignMix AI. Once your purchase is complete, you will receive an email from the AlignMix team detailing the next steps. The process involves downloading and installing the latest version of AlignMix. After installation, you’ll need to launch the software to obtain a Unique ID, which is required to request a new activation code. This request can be made by emailing the AlignMix team with your Unique ID. Typically, you will receive your new activation code within a few minutes, provided the request is made during normal U.S. Eastern working hours. Upon receiving the activation code, simply copy and paste it into the activation pop-up in AlignMix. With this final step, AlignMix will be fully operational, allowing you to start creating and managing sales territories immediately. This activation process ensures a smooth and quick setup, enabling sales professionals to leverage AlignMix for efficient sales design alignment and territory mapping right away.

Re-Activating AlignMix

There are times that you may need to re-activate AlignMix and the original activation code wont work. This can happen after major windows updates, new versions of AlignMix, the annual license has expired, or you have migrated to a new PC. When this does happen simply email us the new Unique ID that appears at start up and we will generate a new activation code and send it right over to you.

Transfer AlignMix License

AlignMix Pro and AlignMix AI In-house licenses allow for internal transfers to other users within the same organization. This feature is particularly useful if a current user is transitioning to a different role or leaving the company. To initiate a license transfer, simply inform us via email about your plans to transfer the license. The current user must first deactivate AlignMix and then send us the deactivation code. Following this, the new user is required to download and install AlignMix. After installation, they should request an activation code from us to complete the transfer process. It’s important to note that for AlignMix Pro consulting licenses, internal license transfers are limited to once per year. This policy ensures a smooth transition of AlignMix licenses within an organization, supporting continuous and efficient sales design alignment and territory mapping without interruption.

Deactivate AlignMix

If you are planning to transfer you AlignMix Pro license to another user you will first need to deactivate AlignMix on your PC. To do this you first open up AlignMix and click on Info, then on Deactivate. A deactivation code will appear. You will need to email the AlignMix team this code before transferring the license to another user.

Renew Pro License

AlignMix is an annual license. You will receive an email reminder two weeks before your license is set to expire. In this email you will see the instructions for renewing the AlignMix license. If your license has expired and you have not received a renewal email please email us or reach out via the chat tool on the AlignMix website.

Update AlignMix

The AlignMix programming teams work around the clock to create new tools and features to make creating sales territories even easier. We do release updates often but you will not receive a nag screen asking you to update. We recommend clicking on the update software button once every few weeks just in case there is an update for you. If we release a major update we will email all of our Pro users to let you know that it is time to run an update.

Updating Shapes

We update the zip codes shapes twice a year. Every Pro user (Not Pro Trial) get access to these updates as soon as we release them. We will notify every Pro user when the new shapes are available for download.

Using International Maps

For Pro Users we have packaged several additional countries for you to use at any time. You can access these additional countries by clicking on File, download and install geography. Here you will see what countries are available to you for free. These countries can change at a moments notice due to licensing restrictions. If you are interested in a country that is not offered for free then let us know. We can most often source additional countries for an additional fee.

Installing Canadian FSA Shapes

If you have purchased the Canadian FSA map then you will need to download and install that pack from the email that you received right after purchase. If you cannot locate that email, then please email the AlignMix team and we will send you the download link for the Canadian FSA shapes.

Multi User License Activation

AlignMix 2024 offers flexible purchasing options tailored to individual and company needs in the realm of sales design alignment and territory mapping. Users can opt for a single license, which is valid per user per year, or companies with multiple users can choose a multi-user license, offering an annual subscription. The multi-user license is particularly advantageous for larger organizations, as it provides unlimited user access within a specified business or country unit, depending on the type of license purchased. To activate this multi-user license, users will need a unique multi-user ID and activation code. This can be easily done by navigating to the second tab on the AlignMix splash screen and entering these details. This streamlined activation process ensures that teams can quickly get started with optimizing their sales territories, districts, and regions, making AlignMix 2024 an ideal solution for both individual users and larger corporate entities looking to enhance their sales strategy and territory management.


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