Using Hot Spots

The new Territory Hot Spot Feature allows you to map the highest and lowest concentrations of any data field that you have imported into AlignMix. The hot spots are colored based on the territories they reside in. For example, if you select sales as the data field for the hot spot.

view then you will be able to locate which zip codes have the most and least amount of sales in each sales territory. The video post above will show you how to use this new mapping feature in less than one minute.

Over Under Thematic Map



Zip Code Thematic Map

In this AlignMix feature update video post you will learn how to use the new thematic mapping tools. Thematic maps can show you under/over performing sales territories based on that data that you have imported into the mapping software. You can also customize the color scheme of the thematic map and also adjust individual bucket coloreds.

In the above example you will learn how to use the Sales Territory Thematic Maps and the Zip Code Thematic Maps.

Territory Thematic Map



Bi-Variate Thematic Map