Key Features of AlignMix 2016

AlignMix Sales Territory Alignment

Easy to Use

With AlignMix you can create sales or franchise territories with just a few clicks and drags of the mouse. If you have a touch enabled screen you can even use your fingers to create territories (just like finger painting). The newest version of AlignMix is fast.  It uses a optimized multi core rendering engine that mean AlignMix is a pleasure to use. Download the free version and take it for a test run.

Easily Import Data from Excel

All you need is account data with zip codes and you can easily import all of that data into AlignMix. We even created training videos that will help you from start to finish. Click here to check out the training videos.

Data Import Process in AlignMix


Instant Feedback

As you change the territory boundaries AlignMix will instantly show you the impact.  You can have multiple data showing at any one time.

Create High Impact Charts & Maps

AlignMix can create charts of your data with a couple of clicks. When you’re completely happy with your new sales territory map you can export the data as Excel reports and beautiful maps.

Account Potential by Territory

High Quality Zip Code Shapes

Top Quality 2016 Data

AlignMix comes pre-loaded with the most up to date U.S. ZIP and FIP code files. U.S. shapes are updated quarterly so that you have the most up to date data for your sales territory alignments. We work with some of the worlds best cartographers so that we can get you the highest quality shapes for every country in the world.

Easy Data Export

Export all of your maps and territory data with ease. AlignMix will even sort your territory exports into their assigned district folders.

AlignMix Data Export

AlignMix Sales Account Display

Display Customer Segments with Ease

You can toggle on countless layers that can show you exactly where each of your accounts is located. Not only can you see the accounts but you can have each account shown as a different symbol and color to help you design a better and more profitable sales territory design.

Thematic Mapping and Analysis

View your data via thematic maps at the zip-code or territory level. Easily identify over sourced/under sourced areas with one click of the mouse.

AlignMix Thematic Mapping

AlignMix International Availabilty

AlignMix International (Sold Separately)

International versions of AlignMix are available for over 40 countries. For a full list of countries, click here.

Automated Optimization (Coming Soon)

AlignMix Professional+ comes with an Optimization tool that will automatically create optimized territories that meet your criteria that you set. This is a brand new innovation that will save countless hours of precious time and energy.

Sales Territory Alignment USA