Geographic Data


AlignMix Geographic Data:

International geography packs expand AlignMix’s capabilities to any country. You can find out more on the International Geography page

Geographic Data:

We need high-quality geographic data to create AlignMix’s geography packs. Sometime the data is available as a download but doesn’t meet our quality standards and needs to be cleaned up. Here are some raw geographic postcode boundary file that we’ve cleaned up. All of them have been checked for topology errors (e.g. overlaps and dangles). They should be ideal for use in Tableau and Power BI.

German Postcodes (PLZ) Boundaries:

These files are based on the OSM 2020 postcodes, and are late 2020 vintage. They have been cleaned up and slightly generalized.

The Netherlands 4-Digit Postcode Boundaries:

Cleaned up versions of the 2020 CBS.NL boundary shapes.

Australian 4-Digit Postcodes Boundaries:

These are a cleaned-up version of the 2016 shapes found on the Australian Bureau of Statistics website.

Canadian FSA Postcode Boundaries:

These are cleaned-up version of the 2016 Statcan FSA shapefiles.

Belgium 4-Digit Postcode Boundaries:

Source from the 2020 website. All shapes cleaned and slightly generalized.

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