Quick-start Tutorial

Watch this video first. You will learn the absolute basics needed to start using AlignMix

How-To Videos:

Setting Up Your Data in Excel:

Setting up your data in Excel is the first step to getting your data into AlignMix.

Importing Zip Code Data:

Import the zip code assignments and any zip-level data (e.g. population of each zip code) into AlignMix.

Importing Sales Account Data:

Import sales accounts/clients into AlignMix. A segmentation can be added to your account data so that each account segment can appear as a different type of account on your map. You can also import account data sets (Account sales, account potential)

Importing Sales Personnel Data:

Import the location of your sales reps, district managers, and region managers. Sales territory assignments can be made automatically if this data exists in your import file.

Clean Alignment Tool:

The clean alignment tool will help clean up sales territories. An account based territory alignment can be converted into a geographic alignment by using this tool.

AlignMix Layout:

AlignMix has an easy-to-use layout allowing all tools and views to be just a few clicks away making the mapping experience a breeze.

Configure Layers:

Configure layers allows you to customize labels, icons, and layers that appear on your sales territory maps.

Navigating AlignMix:

AlignMix has many tools and views that can be used to help create and modify sales territories.

Alignment Tools:

The alignment tools allow you to create and modify sales territories. The touch align tool with just one click will allow you to move sales territories boundaries and modify existing sales territories.

Creating Sales Territories:

This video will show you how to use the alignment tools to create sales territory from a blank file.

Creating an Alignment Index:

The alignment index is a data set that is created within the software. This data set will allow you to balance and optimize sales territories, sales districts, and sles regions.

Balance Sales Territories:

The ultimate goal of a sales territory mapping package is to create balanced and optimized sales territories. This video will show the best process for balancing existing or new sales territories.

Creating a Hierarchy:

Build a hierarchy by assigning sales territories to districts and districts to regions.

Adding, Editing, Assigning Sales Personnel:

Manually add, edit, and assign sales reps. This same process applies to assigning sales district managers and sales region managers.

Table View:

View all sales territory, district, and region data in table form.

Thematic Maps:

Use any data set to create a thematic zip code or sales territory map allowing you to pinpoint high/low potential areas.


Charts allow you to analyze how optimized your sales territories are in additional to providing powerful analytics.

Export To Excel:

Export all of your zip code and account assignments out of your sales territory maps and into Microsoft Excel.

Export Maps:

Export your maps from AlignMix and into excel, PDF, image file and also PowerPoint. If you are using the AlignMix Pro 2 week trial any image you export will have an AlignMix watermark and excel exports will be missing every other row of data. Users using the Full Pro version will not have watermarks on any exports and all excel exports will be complete exports.

Export To Google Maps:

Export your territories, districts, regions, accounts and sales reps to a kml/kmz file that can then be imported into Google mymaps or any other software that can import these shape files.

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