Importing Sales Reps and Managers

In AlignMix you can import a sales personnel roster directly into the software and have all the assignments automatically created. If you are using the Pro version, you will be able to import district and region managers. By default, sales territories are assigned to districts and districts are assigned to regions. IF you name each level of hierarchy something different then you can customize that in the AlignMix options.

When importing sales reps, you will need the sales rep ID/name and the home zip code. Those are the two pieces of required data sets that you need in order to import sales rep data into AlignMix. You can also import the assigned sales territory and job role. If you are importing only sales reps, then you can omit the job role assignment. But if you are importing sales reps, district managers and region mangers then its best to have a column showing their job role and then an additional column with the assigned sales territory, district or region. When preparing your data in Excel you should have all the column labels in the same row, ideally in row 1. If all the labels are in a different row you can select that other row before you start the import process. During the import process you will see a new dialogue box appear if you included a job role in the excel file. This new view will allow you to confirm that the roles are assigned to the correct level of hierarchy. If the software has incorrectly mapped the job role to the wrong level, you can simply drag and drop that assignment to the correct spot.

When the import is complete you will be able to zoom into the map and see little people icons appear on the map. Each little person icon represents a sales rep. By default, the sales rep’s icon will appear in a 50% shade darker than the sales territory they are assigned to. If a sales rep is colored in a black color, that means that the sales rep does not have an assignment. If there is a red outline on the sales rep’s icon that means that the sales rep is assigned to a territory that they are not currently living in. All of these settings can be changed in the configure layer options in the sales rep’s section. District manager icons will appear on the district map, but you can have the software display the district reps on the territory map view by clicking on the view options and turning on district managers for that map view. The same process applies to region managers.

You can edit the sales reps and managers that have been imported by clicking on the edit reps’ button on the home menu. From this view you can delete the reps that you have imported. You can also edit the home zip codes from this view. If you would like to add a new rep you can use the edit sales rep button or use the radial tool to access the sales territory properties and manually add and assign new reps. The same process is used to add district managers from the district map view and region managers from the region map view.

The territory table view can be used to see your sales rep assignments. To open the territory table view you first click the plus button to open a new tab, then select tables from the left side, and select the first option for territories. This table view will show you all of your sales territory data summed up to the territory level. You will also see your sales rep assignments. If you double click the rep field, you will see a drop-down appear. You can use this view to assign reps to different sales territories. District tables will show the same type of data but only at the district level. You can use this same view to assign/reassign district managers. The one limitation of the table view is that you cannot add new reps or delete res from this view. The only way to delete reps is to use the edit sales reps’ button from the home menu.

Any sales rep data that you have imported will also be included in the exports. The export to excel will export a new personnel roster that will include all the sales reps and managers that have been imported in addition to any sales reps that you have manually added to the file. The export will also show you which sales reps are inside the assigned sales territory and if they aren’t the report will show you how far each rep is from the edge of the assigned geography.

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