Importing Sales Reps into an Existing Alignment Map in AlignMix:

The video demonstrates how to import sales reps into an existing alignment map in AlignMix using data from an Excel spreadsheet.

  1. Pre-Import Check:
    • Before importing sales reps, it is recommended to check whether reps have already been added. Use the radial tool by right-clicking on a sales territory, then click on "Territory Properties."
    • In this view, you can see the current sales rep assigned to the territory. If the field is blank, no rep is assigned; if the drop-down menu is empty, no reps have been imported or created.
  2. Required Data for Import:
    • To import sales reps, you need the rep's name and home zip code. Each should be in separate columns in Excel. Optionally, if you have the assigned sales territory, include it in a third column.
    • AlignMix will create reps and assign them to the correct territories during the import process.
  3. Import Process:
    • Click on "File," then "Import," and select "Import from Excel."
    • Drag and drop the correct fields to import the data columns.
  4. Viewing Imported Reps:
    • After import, icons representing sales reps will appear on the map. Customize the appearance of icons in "Configure Layers."
    • Open "Territory Properties" to view a sales rep's name in the drop-down menu, displaying a full list of imported reps.
  5. Reassigning Sales Reps:
    • Sales reps can be reassigned by clicking on another rep from the drop-down menu in "Territory Properties."
    • Alternatively, use the "Edit Sales Rep" tool on the home menu to reassign reps by choosing another territory.

Additional Information:

  • Hierarchy and Manager Assignments:
    • AlignMix supports hierarchies, allowing the assignment of district and region managers to districts and regions, respectively.
  • Sales Rep Creation:
    • Sales reps can be created manually within AlignMix or imported in bulk from Excel.
  • Territory Renaming:
    • While in "Territory Properties," the sales territory's name and ID can be modified.

Now that you have the key insights from the video and additional information, you can seamlessly import and manage sales reps within AlignMix for a more efficient and strategic sales territory design.

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