Importing Sales Reps

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In AlignMix you are able to have sales reps assigned to sales territories. In the Pro version of AlignMix you can also have district managers assigned to districts and region managers assigned to regions. You can create the sales reps manually from within the AlignMix software or import a full list of sales reps directly into the software.

Before importing a full list of sales reps into your AlignMix file its best to double check to make sure you haven’t already done that. Right click on a sales territory to open up the radial tool. Then click on territory properties. In this new view you will see the name and ID of the sales territory. You can rename the sales territory while in this view. There will be a drop-down menu on the third line showing you the name of the sales rep that is currently assigned to this territory. If this field is blank, that means that there is no sales rep assigned to this territory. If you click the drop-down menu and there are no names that means that you have not imported or created a sales rep in this AlignMix file.

To manually add in a sales rep, you can open the radial tool again, and select territory properties. In the third line that sales “Sales Rep” you can click the plus button to the right out of it. This will allow you to manually enter the name of the sales rep and the home zip code. Type those two fields in and click OK. As soon as you click OK you will see a little sales rep icon appear in that home zip code that you just typed in. The reason you need the home zip code is so that you can see where the sales rep is located in relation to the sales territory that they are assigned to. If the sales rep lives outside the sales territory that they operate in, then the sales rep icon will be outlined in a red color. You can also manually add sales reps by clicking on the Edit Sales Rep button that is found on the home menu. Click the plus button at the bottom of that window and then complete the sales rep information. You can also assign the sales rep from this view by clicking the drop-down menu for the territory and then select the correct sales territory.

Manually entering in a couple sales reps is easy but you would not want to repeat this process for 20-200 sales reps. Instead you can import a full sales rep roster all at once into AlignMix. You only need the sales reps name and home zip code. Each of these should be in their own column in Excel. If you also have the assigned sales territory, then you can have that in a third column and then during the import process AlignMix will create the sales reps and also assign each rep to the correct sales territory. To import the excel file you simply click on file, import, import from excel and then import the data columns by dragging and dropping the correct fields.

Now that you have imported a full list of reps you will see the icons scattered all over the map. You can customize the way the icons appear in configure layers. Now when you open up the territory properties you will see a sales rep’s name appear in the drop-down menu. Click the drop-down menu and you will see a full list of every sales rep that has been imported into this AlignMix file. You can reassign a sales rep by clicking on another sales rep from this drop-down menu. You can also reassign sales reps by using the Edit Sales Rep tool on the home menu. As soon as you click that button the left side of the tool will populate with the names of all the sales reps that have been imported. You can then reassign sales reps by clicking on the assigned territory button and choosing another territory.

You can also assign/reassign sales reps by using the territory table view. To access the territory table, you need to open a new tab and select tables from the left side. The first option will be the sales territory table. Select that. You will now see a full sales territory table appear on the screen. The table will show all of your data summed up to the sales territory level. In the assigned sales rep section, you will see all current rep to territory assignments. Double click a sales rep’s name and a drop-down menu will appear showing the names of all the sales reps that are in this AlignMix file. You can now reassign a sales rep by clicking on a different sales rep’s name. The one limitation in the territory table view is that you cannot create new sales reps from this view. You will need to go back to the first tab and add them in manually or import the sales reps.

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