A Step By Step Guide In Importing Sales Territories

Importing sales territories in AlignMix is very easy. All you need is an excel file that has one column of zip codes and a second column with the corresponding assigned sales territory. This type of data can be exported from most sales mapping services/packages and even some CRM dashboards. To import this data (this data can be called \”Zip to Terr\”) first open AlignMix. Click on Import. Then select the data file to import. Now all You will have to do is, drag the first column (Zip codes) to the corresponding location on the right side. Next, you import the second data column (Sales territory) to either sales territory name or sales territory ID. Click Next. And then Next again. You will see a load screen that shows the progress of the sales territory data being imported. When this is finished you will see all of your sales territories displayed on the map. If you do not have this type of data and are looking to create sales territories from scratch then this video is for you: Creating Sales Territories

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