AlignMix can be used for other countries by adding geography packs. For AlignMix Pro users some older geography packs can be downloaded from within AlignMix as part of the Pro license. These include:

  • UK Postcode Districts
  • French Postcode Areas
  • Australian Postcode Areas
  • World Country Map

To download, go to “File -> Download & Install Geography” and select whatever geography you need to use (see screenshot on right). AlignMix will download and install. Once installed you can see the new geography by selecting “File -> New Project” and then selecting the country from the drop-down box.

Free/included shapefile access may change without notice (if shapes become to old we will remove them from the software). If you require access to up-to-date shape files, you may need to purchase the most recent postcode/shape files.



Create sales territories using high-quality 3-digit FSA geography. This geography pack is 2023 vintage and provides a complete set of FSAs.

The one-off license fee is US$750 per user.


Other international geography can be licensed for use with AlignMix. The license fee varies considerably depending up the country of interest. It is a one-off fee (i.e. not an annual license fee).

Complete the form to inquire about your country of interest.

Note: Your email address will only be used to respond to your request. It will not be shared with anyone else, or added to a mailing list.

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