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The lasso tool allows you to lasso zip codes and/or accounts. When you let go of the lasso tool you will see a summary of everything you have just lassoed. From this summary view you can then view the zip code and account tabs that will show you everything you have lassoed using the lasso tool. You can also click next and then choose what to do with this lassoed area.

When using the lasso tool its important to have the correct alignment scope set. By default, it is set to zip codes and accounts. This means that when you lasso an area it will select both accounts and also the zip codes. Then when you assign this lassoed area to a new territory the zip and accounts will included in this change. If you set the alignment scope to accounts only then when you lasso an area you will only lasso accounts and not any zip codes. From here you can then easily assign just the accounts to a new or different sales territory, or even delete the lassoed accounts. When the alignment scope is set to accounts only you will not be able to use the touch align tool. If you set the alignment scope to zip codes only then you will only lasso zip codes and the accounts will remain not selected. You can then assign just the zip codes to a new or existing sales territory.

The map query will appear when you let go of the lasso tool. This view will show you everything that you have lassoed. If your file had data sets imported or created, then the lasso tool will show you a total sum of every data set that is found in the lassoed zip codes and accounts. The query will also show a full list of every sales territory that has been lassoed and also a count of all the account segments. There are 3 more tabs in this query view Zip codes, accounts, and filter. The zip code tab will show you the full list of every zip code that has been lassoed and any data that has been imported at the zip code level. The account tab will show you every account that is included in the lassoed area including the account segmentation and any account data sets. The final tab is the filter tab where you can filter by territory or account type. If you have lassoed multiple territories but only want to include one in the lasso, then you would click on the drop-down menu and choose the one territory to filter by. You can then return to the first tab to see the sums of the data sets and accounts for that one filtered area.

After you lasso an area and click next on the map query view you will be presented with several options that you can apply to the lassoed area. The first option will assign the lassoed zip codes and accounts to a brand-new sales territory. When you click that selection and click next you will see a brand territory appear where that lassoed area once was. The second option will assign the lassoed area to an existing sales territory. Clicking the drop-down menu, you will see every sales territory by proximity. Then when you select the territory you want to assign this lassoed area to, click next you will see that the lassoed area becomes part of the selected sales territory. The third selection will un-assign the zip codes and accounts that have been lassoed. This option does not delete the accounts or data sets, it will simply un-assign the zips and accounts and they will no longer be assigned to any sales territory. The fourth option will delete the accounts that are in the lassoed area. This will also delete the data sets that are assigned to these accounts that are found in the lassoed section. The fifth and final option will reset the account overrides that are found in the lassoed area. Account overrides are accounts that are located in one sales territory but are assigned to a different sales territory. Selecting this fifth option will reset any account overrides that are found in the lassoed area. You can also use the clean up tool to reset all account overrides for the entire map.

The lasso tool can also be used when working in a district or region map. When working in these other map views the lasso tool does change slightly. When in district map view the lasso tool will lasso an entire sales territory instead of single zip codes and accounts. The same applies when working at the region level. The lasso tool will then select full districts including all the accounts that are found within.

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