Account Legend

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Account Legend

AlignMix will now auto-fit all of your account segments into the account legend. You can also further customize the font size of the listed account segments.

Chapter 2 Account Legend


Step 1: Click Configure Layers

Chapter 2 Account Legend Step 1


Step 2: Select Legend

Chapter 2 Account Legend Step 2


Step 3: Customize the Legend

Chapter 2 Account Legend Step 3

If you want to toggle the legend on or off select the check box that says "visible" (1). You can then change the font that the segment names use by clicking the drop-down menu(2)

To change the normal font size type or use the up down arrows(3). AlignMix will default to auto-fit the legend so that all account segments are displayed. To turn this off un-check the check box (4).

If auto-fit is selected the minimum font size is the minimum that the auto-fit will display in the legend. You can change this by typing in the new minimum or using the up/down arrows to change it.


That's it!