AlignMix Tools

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AlignMix Tools

The AlignMix Tools Tab provides you with several tools that will help you create and design sales territories.


Step 1: Open the Tools Menu

Chapter 2 Tools Step 1

To access the tools, simply click on the tools tab.


Step 2: Data Definition

Chapter 2 Tools Step 2


In Data Dentition you can edit and modify imported data. This section was covered earlier in this chapter. Click here to learn about Data Definition.


Chapter 2 Tools Step 2.apng


Step 3: Edit Zip Code Links

Chapter 2 Tools Step 3

Select Edit Zip Codes from the Tools Menu.


Chapter 2 Tools Step 3a

Editing Zip Code links allows you to connect two zip codes together. First click add (1), then type in the host zip code (2), and then the zip code you want to link to the host (3). To break a link you follow this same process in the Broken links tab (4). When you are finished click OK (4)


Step 4: Save/Copy Map

Chapter 2 Tools Step 4

The save map tool allows you to save the map that is currently displayed on your monitor.


Chapter 2 Tools Step 4a


After you click on Save Map, you will be asked to create a file name and select where to save the map.

The copy Map Tool places the map image into your clipboard so it can be pasted anywhere an image can be placed.


Step 5: Paste from Clipboard

To use the paste from clipboard tool you first must open up an excel file (or any other data type file) and select either Zip codes, or accounts to be pasted into AlignMix.

Chapter 2 Tools Step 5

First select the data field you intend to paste into AlignMix. Then either right click on the selection to copy, or click <ctrl + c> on your keyboard.

Next, go back to your AlignMix file.


Chapter 2 Tools Step 5a

You'll now notice that "Paste from Clipboard" tool is now able to be used. Now Click this button.


Chapter 2 Tools Step 5b

On the left side of the pop (1), you will see each item (Zip Code or Account ID) that you just copy and pasted into AlignMix. On the right (2) you will see which territory this account or zip code is assigned to. If it is still unassigned then this area will be blank. Click Next (3) to continue.


Chapter 2 Tools Step 6

Here you select the action you would like to perform on the pasted accounts (1). Assigning to an existing territory will enable the drop-down menu(2) where you can select which territory these accounts should be assigned to. Create a new territory will assign these accounts to a brand new territory. Unassign accounts will unassign these accounts from the current territory that they are assigned to. And delete accounts will delete these accounts from your AlignMix file.


That's It!